What credits do you have?

How can you find out which loans or credits you have? You will discover this in this article.

A few years ago, the government set up the Central Individual Credit Register. In this way, every consumer can find out which loans or credits he still has. Every lender can and must also consult this register when applying for a home loan or loan.


Why do you need to know which loans or credits you still have?

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The answer to this question is actually very simple. You just have to know which loans or credits you still have when you start looking for a home loan. This is important for the following reasons:

  • You fool yourself if you don’t tell the credit broker or lender which loans or credits you have. You have a better chance of refusing your home loan or loan.
  • The credit broker in mortgage credit therefore knows best in advance how many credits or loans you all have to run. Only in this way can the credit broker work efficiently and guide you in the right direction towards a solution for your home loan or loan.
  • The lender who is going to assess your mortgage loan is also happy to know this about you. It is a sign of confidence if you tell yourself which loans or credits you have in circulation.

How do you find out which loans or credits you have in all?

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As a consumer you have the right to request a certificate from the Central Individual Credit Register to the National Bank of Belgium.

You have three options to request this:

  • Electronic
  • Via an application by mail
  • At the counters themselves

If you are going to request the certificate from the Central Individual Credit Register by post or at the counter, you must enclose a copy of your identity card (recto-verso). No information is provided by telephone.

Lender also investigates how many credits or loans you have in all

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Each lender will also consult the Central Individual Credit Register for an application for credit or loan. He is obliged to give you a responsible credit or loan.

All of the foregoing shows that the certificate from the Central Individual Credit Register is therefore a basic document on which your request for a home loan or mortgage loan is based. This stands or falls the approval for your mortgage credit. That is why you know best which loans or credits you have in all.

Apply for your 10,000 dollars credit with lower the interest cost

The list of reasons why you need a 10,000 dollar loan can be long. You may want to lower the interest cost of existing loans through debt restructuring, buy a car, or do a renovation. Fair conditions and quick processing are important to you. Nice bank can offer you this. As a credit broker, we know how to find the best financing and offer you various loan offers.

Free credit request With a net loan of $ 4,000 and a loan of 72 months, 2/3 of the new customers receive in advance. an eff. Interest rate pa of 7.9% or less (born debit rate 6.45% pa) Important: In your own interest, please do not make any further credit inquiries, as multiple inquiries (also from other providers) can lead to irritation and the blocking periods can be imposed by the banks in question.

10000 USD credit with Nice bank

10000 USD credit with Nice bank

We at Nice bank want to help you quickly and easily to get a fair 10000 dollar loan. It is important to us that you get the best deal for your loan amount. We are not a classic comparison portal. Thanks to our extensive network of possible financing partners, we can provide you with various offers for your loan request.

The loan amount of 10,000 USD is no longer considered a mini loan, but is still managed as a small loan by some banks. For you as a borrower, the most interesting question is what interest costs you can expect.

In order to keep your interest rates as low as possible and your flexibility extensive, Nice bank offers you various offers that you can fall back on.

So you benefit from a 10,000 USD credit from Nice bank

So you benefit from a 10,000 USD credit from Nice bank

Nice bank would like to be the ideal contact for you when looking for a loan. We will process your credit request directly. With a 10,000 dollar loan, you can easily bridge financial bottlenecks. You have the option of rescheduling the loan amount and reducing your borrowing costs. You can also use the net loan amount and buy new furniture. Often, earmarking is not required for a loan. This makes you significantly more flexible.

With Nice bank you also benefit in a completely different way. You can get your 10,000 dollar loan quickly and easily. We simply carry out the financial check online. Here you also apply for your installment loan in three steps. With a credit calculator, you can receive a first non-binding offer.

Incidentally, the financing partners of Nice bank often make an immediate commitment. So you can plan even better.

When will the 10,000 dollar loan be paid out?

When will the 10,000 dollar loan be paid out?

Do you need your desired amount as quickly as possible? An instant credit from Nice bank can help here. Lending is usually quick with us as a credit broker. Submit your application online. You can then receive several offers from us and compare them.

Make your decision in peace. After all, you also want to be satisfied with your installment loan. If you have decided on a loan offer, we will carry out the legitimation. PostIdent was yesterday. With Nice bank you can save a lot of time with VideoIdent.

After the legitimation has been successfully carried out, your net loan amount can already be transferred. You will then have the money in your account within 24 hours.

Does Credit Bureau play a role in a 10,000 dollar loan?

Does Credit Bureau play a role in a 10,000 dollar loan?

If you are offered a credit-dependent 10,000 dollar loan, Credit Bureau is a particularly important factor. The lenders will inquire about your payment history here. As soon as you make a condition request, the Credit Bureau will be checked. If your Credit Bureau score is not optimal, this can affect your desired loan.

With Nice bank your condition request will be dealt with free of charge. It only appears in the Credit Bureau when you take out a loan, but in the meantime you can still get a loan despite Credit Bureau. Here, too, a look at your score is taken. If it is not optimal, it does not mean that you cannot get a loan.

Tip: It is also recommended that you secure yourself when taking out an annuity loan. With a residual debt insurance, credit conditions can often be improved.

If you have any questions about the loan, you can simply contact Nice bank.

What do my offers look like?

What do my offers look like?

Before you take advantage of an online loan, you want to take a look at your offer. Our financing partners attach great importance to you getting an optimal overview. For your desired loan, you will therefore receive an offer that corresponds to the Price Specification Ordinance (PangV). In addition to the net loan amount, you will also find all loan conditions here. This includes the effective interest rate and your monthly installment as well as the loan term.

Submit your application for a 10,000 dollar loan online now

Submit your application for a 10,000 dollar loan online now

With a 10,000 USD credit from Nice bank you get a loan on fair terms . Regardless of whether you want to redeem your overdraft facility with a quick loan or take out a renovation loan – with Nice bank you can submit your application within a few minutes.

Step 1: Enter the desired amount of money. You can also leave a purpose. However, a normal consumer loan is not earmarked.
Step 2 : Write down your income ratios and your dates. Account statements may be requested. For a bank employee, they give more transparency and can ensure that your express credit is approved faster.
Step 3 : In the third step, send the account information for the loan amount.

We at Nice bank check your details and then keep you up to date on the status of your application.

The 10,000 USD credit from Nice bank

The 10,000 USD credit from Nice bank

Before you apply for a credit for a 10,000 USD credit with Nice bank, would you like to know why you can benefit here? We have extensive experience in arranging loans. We know that loan providers have a different interest rate range, we know the difference between a credit line, a personal loan and also a modernization loan.

We put our customers first. We would like to give you an immediate payment and support you in finding the right amount for the installment amount for your household bill. You can do so much with 10,000 USD. However, a lot of time often passes before the direct banks process your application. With Nice bank everything goes much faster. The manageable effort shows you that we are able to process your loan request quickly.

By the way, you can also implement a real estate loan or car financing with Nice bank. Follow-up financing is also possible. We will help you find out how you can best calculate and repay the loan. So it is quickly repaid and you could fulfill your wishes.

What is a 10,000 dollar loan?

What is a 10,000 dollar loan?

With a loan contract for a 10,000 dollar loan, you have support for a financial bottleneck. 10,000 USD is a popular sum that can be used to cover liabilities well. With Nice bank, the loan approval is not long in coming. In some cases we can find a lightning credit with a suitable loan rate in a very short time. Whether with constant rates or with flexible repayment modalities depends entirely on your ideas. We would also be happy to advise you.


The Whole Truth About Non-Bank Home Equity Loans


Getting a bank to lend us money if we go through financial problems is an almost impossible mission. But if we have a home owned, there are several private equity companies that can grant us their home equity loans. These products can be useful for, for example, reunifying debts, although they also have their drawbacks. In this article we review its lights and shadows so that we can assess whether they suit us.

This is the good thing about loans with a property as collateral

This is the good thing about loans with a property as collateral

A credit with a mortgage guarantee allows us to obtain financing if we put a property we own (a house, a premises, a garage) as a guarantee of payment, as its name indicates. It can be granted by both a normal bank and a private equity company, although in the second case we can enjoy the following advantages:

  • High amounts: these companies can lend us up to 40% or 50% of what our property costs.
  • Long repayment period: in general, they will give us between 15 and 20 years to repay the loan.
  • Payment flexibility: in some cases, we may enjoy a partial grace period in the first years of the credit’s life. Thus, during that time we will only have to pay interest.
  • Suitable for clients with a delicate profile: these companies can approve our request even if our income is not stable or we have unpaid debts registered in delinquent files.

In addition, the management of these products is usually faster than that of mortgages for home purchases. For example, Suitaprest (a leading company in this sector) approves applications in less than 24 hours, sends an appraiser in two or three days, and allows you to sign the credit 10 days later.

And these are the risks of these products

And these are the risks of these products

Not surprisingly, taking out a loan through these private equity companies also has its downsides. These companies take a higher risk than banks, so their products tend to be more expensive. Let’s see what that translates to:

  • High interest: it is usually between a minimum of around 10% and a maximum of more than 15%, which places it above that of mortgages and personal consumer loans.
  • Opening / formalization commission: in general, we will have to pay a commission when signing the contract, the cost of which usually exceeds 1%.
  • Formalization expenses: we will also have to pay certain additional expenses, such as the appraisal of the home or the steps taken by the company.

To this we must add the risk of losing our property in the event of default. Let us remember that the guarantee of these loans is a property, so if we delay in the payment of the monthly payments, in the long run the company could request its embargo to pay off the debt.

So, should you take out these home equity loans?

So, should you take out these home equity loans?

It depends. Loans with a property as collateral can come in handy if we need large sums of money and the bank does not lend them to us. For example, they can be a good option if we want to reunify several debts, if we need financing to pay inheritance tax for an inherited home, etc.

However, we must not lose sight that we can lose our property if we are not on payments, and they are more expensive than bank loans. For this reason, the ideal is that we consider them as a last resort and that we make sure we can meet the monthly payments with our income.

Mortgage loan 2019: rates will remain very favorable for borrowers!

Unquestionably, the very attractive rates granted by the banks supported the market in 2018 and will continue to support it in 2019! At its first meeting of the year, the Cream Bank left its key rates unchanged and indicated that the economic situation was not conducive to a short-term recovery. Mark Duran ‘s speech de facto removes the specter of an increase in credit rates in 2019. No increase expected before the summer. How high could the rates be by the end of the year? Analysis by Jenard Lovin , founder and managing director of Lite Lending, Sandra Alloin, spokesperson for Lite Lending and Mary Coullart, professor of economics at the University of Paris Ouest.

According to the latest data from the Good Lenders Credit, “the average rate excluding insurance was 1.44% for all durations combined (1.21% over 15 years, 1.41% over 20 years and 1, 63% over 25 years in December), in the 4 th quarter of 2018, ie an almost constant level for more than 6 months on the old market, “underlines Mary Coullart, professor of economics at the University of Paris Ouest. And good news for borrowers, this very attractive level of rates will continue in 2019.


Rates will end 2019 at 1.70% at most

Rates will end 2019 at 1.70% at most

“The rates will increase very moderately in 2019 to reach 1.65 or 1.70% at the end of the year”, anticipates Professor Coullart. Levels which will therefore remain attractive. “The rates will remain low almost throughout the year 2019. If there is a rise in rates, it will be in the range of 0.10 to 0.30% at most, which hardly represents an increase from 10 to 30 dollars per month for a loan of 200,000 dollars over 20 years, ” confirm Sandra Alloin, spokesperson for Lite Lending . In any case,” it will not be likely to slow down the real estate projects of households, “she adds.” Indeed, whether credit rates are around 1.50% or 1.70%, it will not change anything for borrowers, “says Mary Coullart.On the other hand, “the French property market saw a drop in volumes of around 5.8% and if the banks had not considerably eased their credit conditions, in particular by” reducing their requirements in terms of personal contributions “, the drop would have been even more significant, ”reminds Mary Coullart.


Green light from the Cream Bank

Green light from the Cream Bank

The Cream Bank left its rates unchanged yesterday at its first meeting of the year and reaffirmed without surprise that an increase was not envisaged before this summer … However, developments were noted in the content of the speech by Mark Duran , president of the institution , who expressed his uncertainty about the economic situation in Europe with risks weighing on growth. “Given the downward growth forecasts in the euro zone, we can expect a continuation over a longer horizon of the accommodative policy of Cream Bank  This is one of the elements today which leads us to believe that credit rates will not go up significantly in 2019″ explains Jenard Lovin , Managing Director and founder ofwhich has contributed for several years to maintain excellent credit conditions in Europe and especially in France. Lite Lending .


OAT 10 years at the lowest

mortgage loan

At the same time, 10-year government borrowing rates yesterday returned to their lowest level since July 2018 at less than 0.6% (0.59% today), against 0.80% at the end of 2018 and 0.90% a year ago … “This maintenance of government borrowing rates at a historically low level should allow banks to continue to pursue an attractive credit rate policy without cutting corners too much, d ‘As long as, as long as the Cream Bank ‘ s key rates do not increase, they will continue to obtain excellent refinancing conditions, ”adds Jenard Lovin .


The unwavering support of lending banks

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In addition, we have noted since the beginning of January a general climate which generates a wait-and-see attitude which is also attributed to the introduction of the withholding tax and the movement of yellow vests. This wait-and-see impact on the economy as a whole, including the dynamism of the real estate market and the demand for credit which appears to be lower compared to January 2018. We note also a decline in the share of first-time buyers , from 42% in January 2018 to 37% of buyers currently.“In this context of slower start-up of activity since the start of the year, banks should maintain low credit rates to support demand … For the whole of 2019 we are not worried: l real estate remains a safe haven for the French and many visionaries stay green. The market should therefore quickly regain its dynamism,

Ranking of quick non-bank loans

A quick non-bank loan is a product we use when immediate financial assistance is needed. It won’t solve our problems, but it can be a temporary solution. However, the market offer is very diverse, so before making this commitment, it is worth checking which of them will be best for us.

Opinions about quick non-bank loans vary

Opinions about quick non-bank loans vary

On the one hand, they are more expensive than bank loans, which may negatively affect the borrower’s financial position instead of improving it. On the other hand, they give a cash injection when we need it most, and without waiting for a loan decision, because we can get the money in several minutes.

Undoubtedly, when reaching for a non-bank loan, we must be more careful than in the case of a bank offer. The bank always checks our creditworthiness and refuses to grant a loan if it decides that we may have problems repaying it.

Non-banking companies approach creditworthiness less restrictively, which means that we, the borrowers, have full responsibility for making the decision to incur an obligation.

Free first loans

Free first loans

Almost every second loan company will provide its first financing free of charge. This means that we will only have to pay back as much as we borrowed. The basic condition that we will have to meet is to give money back on time. Otherwise, the loan company will charge us a fee for extending the repayment date or we will be exposed to the costs associated with debt collection.

The highest amount we can borrow for free is 2,000. USD. We will get this amount from Good Finance, E-Money and Good Credit. Through this last page, we can borrow up to 45 days.

Other companies will allow us to dispose of their money for a maximum of a month. At E-Money, we can take part in a competition in which an automatic vacuum cleaner with a value of nearly 2,000 can be won. USD and tourist vouchers with a face value of 1 thous. USD.

Short-term loans

Short-term loans

Quick non-bank loans are usually granted for a small amount, which we have to repay within 2-4 weeks. We checked where the cheapest get USD 500 for 30 days. In preparing the statement, we based ourselves on the data that lenders present on their portals.

For the three institutions, it will cost only USD 10. At Good Lender we will pay 10 USD for each first loan up to 1.5 thousand. USD, for a period of up to 60 days. As a new customer, we can borrow more and for longer – up to 3,000 USD for 12 months, but it will be an installment loan and we will not use the fee discount.

It is worth paying attention to the offer we reach because the parameters are very diverse. As a new customer, we will get from 500 to 5 thousand. USD and the repayment period can range from 30 days to even 30 months. The average cost of the USD 500 loan we analyze is USD 117 and ranges from USD 10 to USD 145.

Although the loan launch process is a few stages, it is quick and easy to implement. This is the basic advantage, which unfortunately can become the biggest disadvantage of this solution. Before taking a loan, we must answer the question ourselves, whether we will be able to return the money within the prescribed period. We also need to borrow only as much as we actually need.

However, before we borrow money, we must check all the costs associated with this financing (the information form that loan companies are required to provide to us) and read the contract carefully.

More Profit Where, Credit Card or Debit Card?

Between credit cards and debit cards, they both function as non-cash payment instruments. But there is something fundamental between the credit card and debit card. If a credit card, can be used with certain limits provided by banks to owe / credit, so we will receive bills every month according to the amount of credit used.

While debit cards, can also be used for payments, but are not credit transactions, which means that they can pay as long as there is sufficient balance and there will not be a number of bills each month. Because the funds stored on the debit card are money that has been previously saved.

However, if asked more profit where between credit cards and debit cards? The answer is depends on your needs. However, in general, the use of credit cards has far more advantages than debit cards. Why?


1. Protection from Card Issuing Banks

credit debt

Because the credit card system is a loan of money in the beginning, the bank will protect the money it lends. So that credit cards have a lot of protection for users even stronger than debit cards. Even so, it does not mean that this debit card protection is not better either. Both are protected by the card issuing banking.


2. Credit Cards Provide Product Return Protection

With a credit card, usually some card issuing banks will give their customers time when the product they buy is not appropriate. Generally, the credit card issuing bank will provide a deadline of up to a maximum of 90 days from the time of product purchase.


3. Credit Cards Can Extend Product Warranty

Credit Cards

Some credit cards also offer more that cannot be found on debit cards. The advantage is the extension of product warranty beyond the warranty provided by the seller of the product. So you can replace or make a claim if the item is damaged outside of the warranty time of the product purchased.


4. Stronger Credit Card Legal Protection

One more advantage of using a credit card over a debit card is more legal protection. When dealing with a credit card, it can be better protected legally if a problem occurs. For example, an error occurs in online transactions and cancellations occur, then the credit card will be far stronger legally and can withdraw payments compared to debit cards.

For business claims, when using a credit card will also be easier than when using a debit card. Nevertheless, using a debit card will indeed reduce the burden of monthly bills and more control over shopping than a credit card.


5. Misuse of Credit Cards Will not Drain Money

Misuse of Credit Cards Will not Drain Money

In the event of loss, the greater risk is on the debit card. Imagine, if the inventor managed to break the ATM PIN, then all funds could have been drained and could not be returned. Because the funds are funds that are already available previously on the debit card.

Meanwhile, when using a credit card, even if the card is successfully used for transactions by others, the amount of the transaction will be limited according to the limit given by the bank. Credit card or debit card, the blocking process can be quickly done and processed by the card issuing bank.


6. Guaranteed Online Transaction Security

More advantages offered by credit cards are a guarantee of security when making online transactions. If the product shipped is not suitable, then canceling the transaction is easy. This is different from online transactions with debit card payments, so the total transactions will be directly debited and made payments at that time.

On credit card transactions, there will be a delay for each payment. So that the transaction process will really be successful when the goods are received by the seller. So, it is clear that credit cards provide more security when transacting online.


Choose a Credit Card or Debit Card, Customize Your Needs

Credit Card or Debit Card, Customize Your Needs

Whatever type of card you use to transact, both debit cards and credit cards, will certainly provide more benefits when applying vigilance to yourself to always be careful saving and using it. However, one thing to remember, credit cards require time lag when transacting online, so this card provides relatively more security. Then, you can consider using a debit card to transact and carry wherever you go.