10 Mistakes You Definitely Missed In The “High School Musical” Movies


Of more than 100 Disney Channel Original Movies airing on Disney Channel since the early ’80s, only one movie franchise has reminded fans over the years that they’re all in this together.

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Launched in 2006, musical high school swept the world, producing a film trilogy, a Sharpay-themed spin-off, and later a Disney+ series. But as beloved and iconic as the HSM The series is, it’s also not immune to errors and continuity errors that make you wish the creators had their heads in the game.


Which team? More like, what number? (‘High School Musical’)

Troy Bolton, team captain, reckless basketball player. As the star player of both musical high school and the basketball team, the Troy Wildcats jersey number is very important at East High. That’s if it can be consistent.

While Troy is usually seen wearing a jersey numbered 14, in some scenes the character’s jersey is number 10. The same happened to Chad, whose number was usually 8, but in some instances he was seen wearing number 15.

Zeke was one of those minor characters in HSM who rose to main character status in the sequel, being the lovable Wildcat who secretly didn’t like cooking. summer classic High School Musical 2 begins during the last moments of the last day of school, where Zeke was sitting on a small stool with a kind of dunce cap next to Mrs. Darbus, for unknown reasons.

But when the scene cuts to a different shot, Zeke is still sitting with the dunce cap but isn’t sitting on a much taller stool. It’s unclear if this was related to a possibly deleted scene from the movie or if it was just a continuity issue, but nonetheless, the whole storyline is confusing.

Troy’s Ever-Evolving Boxers (“High School Musical 2”, “High School Musical 3”)

Troy can’t keep a boxer short. In HSM2, the class breaks into singing and dancing during “What Time Is It?” Troy’s white boxers can be seen beyond his slippery jeans. But seconds later, as he claps a classmate, Troy’s boxers have now turned black.

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Something similar happened in musical high school 3 when Troy and Chad are looking for a radiator cap, and Troy’s gray boxers can be seen. But on the next move, Troy apparently quickly transformed into a black boxer.

Sharpay’s Microphone (‘High School Musical 2’)

As the queen of the drama club and the lead in nearly every East High musical, it’s not uncommon to see Sharpay with a microphone.

But in music high school 2, his microphone is a little too apparent. As the “Fabulous” number begins, eagle-eyed fans can spot At Ashley Tisdale’s microphone in the reflection of his big pink sunglasses.

Troy’s Shoe Quick-Change (“High School Musical”)

Troy Bolton had a very simple style when he wasn’t wearing his basketball jersey. Jeans paired with nice polo shirts or raglan t-shirts usually made up the Wildcat’s wardrobe, and his shoe choice usually never stood out.

That is until they change from scene to scene. When Troy talks to classmates, waiting for the free period bell to ring, he wears black sneakers with white stripes. But once he sneaks off to the music auditions in the next scene, his shoes are now white with black stripes.

Troy’s Paint Job (High School Musical 3′)

The memorable and romantic number “I just want to be with you” from HSM3 begins with a flirtatious piano session between Kelsie and Ryan and escalates into an epic pop ballad between school musical stars Troy and Gabriella.

As they repeat the song while others paint sets, in typical Troy fashion, the Wildcat climbs over the wet sets, getting green paint on its hands. When he finally jumps to where Gabriella is and chases after her with his painted hands, he first grabs a white railing and, miraculously, doesn’t get a speck of paint on it.

Ryan and Chad’s clothing swap (“High School Musical 2”)

It was every Ryan and Chad shipper’s dream come true when they faced off in a battle of songs and dances on the baseball field at HSM2. By performing “I Don’t Dance”, they each prove that they can easily put themselves in the other’s shoes – and their clothes.

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After the number and the gang are all seated at the picnic tables having lunch, Ryan and Chad are next to each other, now wearing each other’s clothes – Chad in the Ryan’s white outfit and striped hat and Ryan in Chad’s red jersey and matching East High cap.

Troy Breaks Free (“High School Musical”)

It was typical at the first musical high school for Troy to kick off the songs – “Start of Something New”, “Getcha Head In The Game” and “We’re All In This Together”. But there was one song that Troy wasn’t originally supposed to start.

When supercouple Troy and Gabriella are about to perform “Breaking Free” for their encores, Gabriella is about to start the song when she freezes. After a little pep talk from Troy, he gestures for Kelsie to start the music again, then sings that famous first line of the song despite it being Gabriella’s line originally.

Sharpay’s Teleport (‘High School Musical’)

Sharpay Evans exhibits many talents throughout the three films – acting, singing, dancing, plotting and even teleporting.

During “Stick To The Status Quo”, when Sharpay and Ryan are watching the triggering of the song from above, Sharpay ends up descending the grand staircase to where Gabriella is walking with her lunch. But when the camera rolls in the next scene, Sharpay is still on top with Ryan, then back up the stairs in the next scene.

Gabriella takes a bath (“High School Musical 2”)

After Sharpay’s led performance of “Fabulous” poolside in Lava Springs, Sharpay is inevitably knocked down there with only her nemesis and new lifeguard Gabriella to save her.

Although one scene shows Gabriella diving to save an agitated Sharpay, in the scene just before Sharpay falls into the pool, you can spot Gabriella already in the pool and waiting for her.

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