10 Themed Outfits You Need For Disney World


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So many of the rides at Disney World are iconic, from the eerie shape of the Tower of Terror to the swirling cups of Mad Tea Party!

Mad Tea Party colors would go great in an outfit!

Why not take inspiration from these rides when planning your next trip? If you love theming your clothes for your Disney trip, you have to check out these outfits!

Get ready to fly to Neverland aboard Magic Kingdom’s must-see Flight of Peter Pan! You’ll fit right in with the Lost Boys with this outfit, which features a great Peter Pan backpack and a minimalist sweatshirt for some comfort.

We’ve also added a pair of earmuffs from Disney’s new Main Attraction line, which have earmuffs designed after various classic Disney rides. Peter Pan’s Flight ears have a beautiful night sky with a hat decorated with a mini flying boat and of course Peter’s signature red feather!

More of a fan of thrill rides? Take inspiration from the bellhops of the Tower of Terror and create a red, black and gold color scheme for your outfit. Start with a pair of Tower of Terror earrings like these with the iconic striped pattern, then pair them with dark red colored items.

We’ve added a black vest with buttons reminiscent of ride attendant uniforms. Choose accessories that match the theme, like this gold key necklace!

Dizzy cowboys! Slip on this Woody-inspired set and head to Hollywood Studios to enjoy the rides of Toy Story Land! The Woody ear headband and Jessie bag go together perfectly, and both characters are featured on this understated tee.

You can choose any of their main colors for your stockings; here we chose blue shorts. You’ll be doing a lot of walking in the park, so it’s best to avoid cowboy boots and stick to a comfortable pair of shoes!

For more tips on the best shoes to wear to Disney, check out this article!

Show this adorable bear some love with this cute outfit inspired by him! Once you make your way to Magic Kingdom, hop on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh to say hello to Pooh and the rest of the gang in the Hundred Acres Wood.

This shirt features a map of the classic location that looks like it was pulled from the pages of a book. Here we have a black skirt, but you can also wear red shorts to match Pooh’s shirt. These shoes are the perfect honey color, and these hair clips are the perfect finishing touch!

If you like bright colors, this is a great outfit to try! The Enchanted Tiki Room is just as colorful (it’s full of exotic birds after all), and after leaving the ride you’ll be humming the song for the rest of the day. Stand out with this outfit that includes both ears and a ride-inspired tee.

Add other accessories with exotic birds on them, like this messenger bag and these stunning earrings. We chose a more discreet pants to balance the colors.

Who’s ready to take a ride with Buzz? Put your head in the game and ride Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and you just might become a Galactic Hero! For Buzz’s outfit, mix and match pieces in her color palette of purple and lime, with accents of white, black and red.

This lime green skirt is the perfect color and goes perfectly with the Buzz shoulder bag! This shirt has hints of purple among the white, and a pair of white shoes completes the outfit. We also added some small green alien earrings to bring you luck!

If Galaxy’s Edge is your favorite area in all of Disney World, this is the outfit for you! We have combined several star wars items of this look, from the backpack to the combat helmet to the matching earrings and the galactic t-shirt.

You can even swap out your smartwatch strap for something more appropriate! This skirt totally reminds us of the dark expanse of space dotted with stars and planets. Plus, these shoes look like something you’d see a futuristic character wear, and with this outfit you’re ready to take on all the rides in Galaxy’s Edge!

We love this skirt so much we just had to include it in another look! Another space-themed ride, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is Disney World’s newest hit ride. Maybe wearing this outfit will help you land a spot on the ride! One of the main features of Cosmic Rewind is its amazing soundtrack.

The ride has a playlist of 100 classic rock songs (all personally chosen by Peter Quill, we’re sure) and part of the fun of riding is finding out which song you’ll get! For that reason, we’ve focused on that in this outfit, with mixtapes being a major focus. We paired the look with some retro trainers – we can imagine Peter wearing shoes like this in the 1980s!

Whether you decide to replicate an outfit or simply get inspiration from it, you’re sure to look and feel even better the next time you visit Disney World!

When you’re ready to debut your new outfit, don’t hit the parks without downloading the cheat sheet that lists EVERYTHING you can do there!

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