15 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts under $50


Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and many couples will be giving each other elaborate gifts like flowers, chocolates and more. But if you’re looking to give your significant other a thoughtful, romantic gift that’s within your budget, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve rounded up 15 great Valentine’s Day gifts under $50 that you can give your partner this year.

1. lingual love; $25

Turn your next evening into a date with lingual love, a card game that will allow you and your partner to discuss topics that you have probably never discussed before. Inside the box there are five categories – couple, family, past and present, sex and intimacy, and individual – containing 150 conversation topics in total like “How have you changed since we were together for the first time?” Start engaging in meaningful new conversations, whether you’re just starting a relationship or have been together for decades.

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2. Wishes of Aglaonema; $38

Whether your partner was born with a green thumb or is a budding plant relative, this Aglaonema Wishes plant is sure to bring vitality to any garden. The plant is said to bring luck and fortune to the grower, and the pretty pink polka dot pattern on the leaves adds a romantic touch to this gift.

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3. Personalized Ticket To Love box; $40

Give your partner a personalized wooden box filled with “tickets” highlighting activities you will do with or for them, such as an “off the grid day” or “A Great Adventure”. Created by Oregon artist Sandrine Froehle, each token resembles a movie ticket and bears an inscription detailing what the voucher will give the user in return.

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4. Create your own fortune cookie kit; $30

Couples who love desserts and DIY projects will be delighted with this Make Your Own Fortune Cookies kit, which comes with the materials to make four dozen batches of these prophetic little treats. Inside the kit you will find easy to follow instructions, ingredients, a baking mat, 60 pre-written fortunes and an edible ink pen to decorate your desserts or write new fortunes.

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5. star wars Yoda One For Me Tee; $23

Melt your partner’s heart with an adorably sweet star wars T-shirt that would even make Chewbacca blush. What better way to tell someone they’re your valentine than with a cute shirt featuring a cartoon Master Yoda surrounded by hearts, along with the “Yoda one for me” pun.

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6. 100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster; $21

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your date nights with new ideas or take on a challenge, this 100 Dates Bucket List scratch off poster is sure to inspire some couples. This poster features a wide variety of date ideas from going out to brunch and visiting an aquarium to renting a pet and day sightseeing.

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7. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set; $27

Those who like to take baths will be delighted to receive this Valentine’s Day bath bomb gift set. The 12 handcrafted bath bombs are made from natural ingredients and include inviting scents like Lemongrass Green Tea, Mango Papaya, and Black Raspberry Vanilla.

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8. Box of Dozen Red Velvet Cheesecake Truffles; $29

Forget the traditional box of chocolates and instead treat your loved one to a dozen decadent red velvet cheesecake truffles. From the famous New York bakery Milk Bar, these cake truffles that, once delivered, will be too irresistible to stop eating. The interior is filled with chocolate cake, chocolate chips, red velvet crumbs and cream cheese coated in a chocolate shell.

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9. Nostalgic Love Letters Candle; $34

Remind your partner of the sweet memories you have with this Love Letters candle from Homesick. The 13.75 ounce soy candle blends floral aromas of rose petals, jasmine, and peony, then contrasts with a juicy hint of lemon and red plum. It tops it all off with woody notes of sandalwood, creating the perfect alchemy for romance.

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10. Lovepop Office We go together like Jim and Pam Pop-Up Card; $15

When the NBC sitcom Office was still airing on TV, Jim and Pam were the show’s it couple. Although it took them many seasons to finally get back together, there were a few cute moments along the way that brought them together. One of those moments was when Jim tried to gift Pam a green teapot filled with memories, and now Lovepop has immortalized that moment as a pop-up Valentine’s Day card any fan would be giddy to receive (and not to redeem for an iPod).

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11. Le Creuset Petit Coeur Casserole; $28

Le Creuset enameled cast iron saucepans are some of the most coveted kitchen items anyone could want to own. So, for Valentine’s Day, consider treating your loved one to one of the brand’s 8-ounce cocottes with a heart print on the outside. This item is perfect for preparing individual meals like classic French onion soup or desserts like creme brulee.

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12. Your personalized star map; From $20

Chart your journey with your partner using the stars as your guide with this personalized map that shows what the night sky was like at any time you desire. First, pick the time and date that matters most to you as a couple, whether it’s when you first met, got engaged, married, or something else. Then you can customize the background and dedication so the card is ready for your loved one.

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13. Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club; $50 for a month

Learn something new as a couple with Shaker & Spoon’s cocktail club. Choose to receive one to 12 months worth of sets, which include three unique drink recipes designed by bartenders. Each kit also contains ingredients to make four of each drink, excluding alcohol, so even those who don’t drink can participate.

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14. Mirror heart wind screwdriver; $30

Show your loved one you care with the ultimate symbol of adoration, a heart. This Mirrored Heart Weathervane is a great addition to any garden or balcony that will catch plenty of eyes when a breeze passes by and it starts to swirl. It’s made from stainless steel with a mirror finish, which means when the sun is out, it will shine brightly.

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15. Heart shaped tea bags; $34

Pamper the tea lover in your life with this sweetly designed heart shaped tea bag box. Made by French artisan Jacqueline Aliotti, who grew up surrounded by tea, each box comes with 15 tea bags with an equal amount of Earl Grey, English Breakfast and White Berry tea bags to enjoy with your loved one.

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