1BLOCK’s MetaSamurai Has Teamed Up With TMS Entertainment To Create A Project Featuring LUPINE THE IIIRD


Tokyo-based web design studio 1BLOCK is pleased to announce that it recently collaborated with TMS Entertainment Co. Ltd. to build a project featuring LUPINE THE IIIRD with the MetaSamurai 3D avatar project to create virtual NFT sneakers.

Lupine III is a fictional character considered to be the greatest thief on the planet. He is famous for having announced his intention to steal precious objects by sending a business card to their owners. The brand new MetaSamurai 3D avatar project designed by 1BLOCK in partnership with the LUPIN THE IIIRD series directed by Takeshi Koike depicts young Lupin and the gang. It will be released as the first virtual NFT sneaker collectible of its kind.

MetaSamurai’s Virtual Sneakers are 1/1 3DCG collectibles based on designs inspired by the Lupine IIIrd series movies and characters.

1BLOCK’s avatar project is filled with endless opportunities. MetaSamurai is a collection of 3,398 collective 1:1 3D avatars produced by 1BLOCK, a creative agency headquartered in Tokyo and Los Angeles. The studio empowers all creators and develops and operates numerous web3 projects.

MetaSamurai was founded on the concept of “I support you”. The phase best signifies MetaSamurai’s desire to support their master. Originally, the phrase was derived from the story of two individuals who protect each other by standing back to back during a battle.

SAMURAI followed the warrior code of BUSHIDO. He protected their lord at the cost of their own lives. Additionally, the use of a dog as a motif was inspired by the loyal and popular dog, Hachiko, who always greeted his owner at the train station and stayed by his side for ten years, even after his owner died.

The LUPINE THE IIIRD series is a more adult world version of the original Lupine the Third animated series. It was directed by Takeshi Koike, whose aggressive direction and stunning designs captivated audiences in Japan and around the world. Three works have been released to date, including Fujiko’s Lie, Goemon’s Blood Spray, and Jigen’s Grave Marker.

The LUPIN THE IIIRD X MetaSamurai NFT project will be available on OpenSea. The number of articles to be issued will be forty articles each, with a total of 120 articles. It will be available in three different designs, including the Lupine design, the Jigen design, and the Goemon design. All models will be sold as 1/1 models.

Priority purchase rights will be granted to all MetaSamurai NFT owners, and further details will be announced on the official 1BLOCK Discord server.

On the other hand, the LUPINE THE IIIRD X Air Smoke Zero, which is a virtual sneaker, will also be available in OpenSea. There will be a total of 20 items available in three different designs, including LUPIN THE IIIRD: Jigen’s Grave Marker, LUPIN THE IIIRD: Goemon’s Blood Spray, and LUPIN THE IIIRD: Fujiko’s Lie. Likewise, all models will be sold as 1/1 models and priority purchase rights will be granted to all MetaSamura NFT owners.

All MetaSamura holders will receive exclusive access to exclusive collaborations, drops, and unique experiences. Additionally, the community is at the forefront of their foundation, and each MetaSamura NFT unlocks access to the 1BLOCK ecosystem as well as future projects.

Interested NFT owners should join the official 1BLOCK discord server as details of the sale link and purchase method will be provided there. In addition, a campaign exclusively for MetaSamurai NFT owners is also organized. The provisional sales period for these NFTs will be in the summer of 2022.

Further details on MetaSamurai can be found here: metasamurai.world.


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