26 best gifts for Father’s Day 2022


Morpheus is a minimalist wooden box pre-loaded with guided meditations and sleep prompts. It offers over 200 ways to combine meditations, choice voices, duration, and eight themes ranging from visualizations, body scans, nature sounds, music, and more. The guided sessions are presented by sleep experts to maximize the benefits of meditation, which has been linked to better sleep, according to Harvard. With all that in mind, this is the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day if he needs a little peace, quiet and some self-care.

Customers are quick to comment on the “sleek” design among reviewers, but its functionality steals the show. Morphée is far from being a simple sound machine and customers notice its results. “This device, first of all, works like a charm to help us insomniacs,” says one reviewer. They go on to say it’s “…carefully crafted. One of my all-time favorite purchases on Amazon.” The device is already ranked #120 in Amazon’s sleep sound device category, which is impressive considering it’s new to Amazon’s product line in March 2022.

The Morpheus sleep aid device is available on Amazon for $99.99.

Perfect for: Offer a unique gift for Father’s Day | Considerations: Personal preferences will play a role in which sessions and presenter voices work best for each individual.


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