8 of them paint their dream homes on canvas


As a major global health issue, autism needs to be better understood. Every year, World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated around the world on April 2 to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a neurodevelopmental disorder that impairs a person’s communication and social interaction abilities. nobody. Thereafter, the entire month is devoted to raising awareness of this relevant condition. About 1 in 500 or more than 2.16 million people have autism.

On this occasion, eight autistic artists from 4 different cities were commissioned to paint their version of “a dream house” and the original artwork they created speaks of their various abilities. They bring a very unique perspective and let us take you into their realm and show you the world from their perspective.

Grandmother’s bed by R. Kedhar

Grandparents are an important pillar in a child’s life, but in R. Kedhar’s life, grandma’s room is a favorite place, a place to be with her, a place to recharge, explore and evolve. He is 21 years old and was born in Hyderabad. He was diagnosed with autism when he was 4 years old. He chose art to express himself when verbal communication was not developing. Later, some of his teachers encouraged him to explore his art further.

My Aquarium, My Home by Rupak Munje

Rupak Munje is from Chennai and suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder, he has curated over 200 paintings and 38 exhibitions in art galleries and online. He recently won the international STIR UP 2020 competition and received the Rising Star Award at the largest online art competition ORA 2020 by Mojarto in India.

Shoe House by Prithvi Ramkumar

An artist is a storyteller with a brush but a picture is worth a thousand words. Prithvi Ramkumar believes in this philosophy because he loves poetry and stories, but canvas and brushes are his first love. The 19-year-old from Chennai envisions his dream home as a ‘smart shoe house’, as high as clouds and as sturdy as grass, telling us the story of every achievable dream.

Born in Bangalore, Mr. Mithun, 18, is homeschooled. He helps his mother with household chores and gets really happy when someone appreciates his works. For Mr. Mithun, a dream home is where a happy cat can sit relaxed and enjoy nature; he sees the world through a cat’s eye in his painting. He brings the cat to life on the canvas with his magic brushes which he uses as a magician’s wand.

The green courtyard of Sridhar Rangrajan

Sridhar Rangrajan is a working professional. He was born in Banglore and was diagnosed with mild autism at a very young age. He has worked at SAP LABS for 9 years and exhibited his paintings at SAP LABS Indian office and sold 8 paintings on World Autism Awareness Day. He visualizes his house as a lap of nature, filled with green plants and trees.

Football Euphoria by Swaminathan Manivannam

History is the mirror of the present and the lesson for the future. Swaminathan Manivannam’s paintings show his love for historic buildings. Growing up in Chennai, he loved to observe historical monuments and soon started drawing them. His works adorn murals, logos, desks, letterheads, and more. You can also find his artwork crowning the letterheads and business cards of chess grandmaster Viswanathan Anand. His idea of ​​home is to play football with friends. He showed his magic with a brush.

Vase of Hopes by Sarang Jaltare

They say there is no age to study. They say there is no age to paint. Our next artist is 21 years old and comes from Hyderabad. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Sarang Sachin Jaltare was born in Hyderabad and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He learns instruments like the tabla, the keyboard, the guitar. He showed his “dream house” in the form of a flower vase.

Bright and Shining by Devansh Maurya

Devansh Maurya was born in Pune and diagnosed with severe autism when he was 2½ years old. While teaching him, his mother noticed that he had a gift for colors. His painting was exhibited at the Geneva Center for Autism, Virtual Symposium 2020. Besides painting, he enjoys playing the piano. He finds comfort in his works. His depiction of a dream house is a bright and colorful road leading to the beautiful and serene house.

Each artist, through their paintings, has demonstrated their ability to add more appeal to homes with striking shapes, colors, and strokes. It raises awareness, shows the creativity of people on the autism spectrum and teaches you to appreciate differences.

All these 8 paintings were exhibited at Design Café Experience Center MG Road until May 1st. You can visit here to learn more about the artists with disabilities who created these masterpieces.

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