A Guide to Funimation’s Most Popular Anime Gifts This Holiday Season



The holiday season has arrived, and that means the time to give is just beginning. On Christmas Eve, millions of people seek to spread the holiday cheer while others celebrating traditions like Kwanzaa stock up on their own gifts. And if you need some guidance on what the anime lover wants in your life, well, Funimation has the gifts you need.

ComicBook.com has been fortunate enough to experience some of the goodies featured by Funimation this holiday season, and we can tell you they will be a hit with any anime fan. From casual collectors to die-hard connoisseurs, Funimation has everything you need in their online store. Of course, that includes the DVD and movie packs, but there are some great merchandise that you won’t want to miss.

As you can see in the slides below, Funimation has shared some of their best collectibles with us, and we’re obsessed with it. The store has it all Naruto Nyanto! Series for sale, so collectors can combine their love of ninjas and cats if they have shelf space. Other trinkets like Demon slayer FiGPiNs are available through the Funimation store, and these items won’t cost you more than $ 28. These little gifts are perfect for fans who are just starting out on their anime collections, and honestly, you can never go wrong with an Inosuke FiGPiN.

Now if you are looking to boost your own premium collection then Funimation has some products for you too. For example, the Dragon ball z The Premium collector’s lamp is beautiful, to say the least. It might be expensive ($ 149.99), but its dimmable switch and detachable base make this 4-star light a must-have for fans. After playing around with the Lamp myself, I can safely say that this is one of the best Dragon Ball collectibles I own, and that says a lot considering my many Bandai statues.

And if you’d rather wear your fandom, Funimation has it all, from shirts to shoes and more. This year, My hero university fans can show their love for All Might with a special backpack-lunchbox duo. The spacious bags will keep your valuables and food safe as you train to become the most powerful student in the world. And after testing this backpack for myself, I can confirm that the All Might Pack is a dream come true for frequent travelers who need sturdy bags for packing.

If you would like to purchase these items for yourself or your friends this holiday season, you can find them in stock right now via The Funimation store here. You can check out more details about the parts, including their pricing, in the slides below:

Are you going to land any of these anime deals with your vacation money? Did you get any other anime collectibles this season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @Megan PetersCB.

Figpin Demon Slayer


Demon Slayer: Inosuke Hashibara (380) FiGPiN: Boar-headed and brash, there aren’t many demon slayers like Inosuke Hashibira. Raised by wild boars, the Beast Breathing Demon Slayer makes his entrance with his two blades and shirtless. – $ 14.99

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Dragon Ball Z Premium Collection Lamp


Dragon Ball Z Premium collection lamp: Thanks to Papy Gohan, Goku has his first Dragon Ball. Reproducing the iconic 4-star ball, this USB-powered lamp features a dimming function and a detachable base. Maybe this new girl, Bulma, can help him find the rest. – $ 149.99

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Naruto Nyanto! Collection


Nyanto! Big Nyaruto Naruto Uzumaki Series: Naruto unleashes a new transformative jutsu to appear in the cutest cat form. This 4 inch tall Nyanto! The Big Nyaruto series action figure re-imagines the ramen-loving ninja and launches Rasengan into an adorable cat. This is the cutest cat in the village of Hidden Leaf. Believe it. – $ 26.24

Nyanto! The Big Nyaruto Series Kakashi Hatake: The leader and sensei of Team 7, Kakashi is a legendary shinobi in his own right, and now he’s finally a cat! This sweet neko ninja is 4 inches tall and fits perfectly on any shelf. It will try not to “chidori” all the other numbers on your shelf. – $ 26.24

Nyanto! The Big Nyaruto Sasuke Uchiha Series: The always cool and always confident Sasuke Uchiha joins the rest of Team 7 as an exceptionally cute cat in Nyanto! The Big Nyaruto series. The dedicated and determined neko ninja is 4 inches tall. His path of revenge cannot be stopped, not even by balls of yarn. – $ 26.24

Nyanto! The Big Nyaruto Sakura Haruno Series: Team 7’s medical ninja and the bearer of the Hundred Seals, Sakura arrives as an adorable kitten! Nyanto! The Big Nyaruto series adds the pink haired kunoichi to the cat crew. But don’t underestimate this kitten, she’s the glue that holds Team 7 together – $ 26.24

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My Hero Academia backpack and lunch box


All Might Inspired Backpack: Heroes-in-training always need room for books and supplies when they’re on the go. With adjustable pockets, multiple compartments and a place for your laptop, this backpack will propel your studies to Pro status! – $ 39.99

All Might Inspired Pre-Cut Lunch Box: Inspired by the Peace Symbol, this pre-cut lunch box is fully insulated and has a zipper closure. It can’t protect you, but it can keep your food at the perfect temperature! – $ 15.99




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