Adidas launches iconic Kevin McCallister Home Alone sneakers



Home Alone fans can now show their love for the film all year round thanks to Adidas.

The shoe brand recreated Kevin McAllister’s exact pair of sneakers from the popular Christmas movie, naming them Home Alone x adidas Forum sneakers.

The shoes features Easter Eggs, nodding to the many traps set by McCallister against the Wet Bandits, including ‘burn marks’ all over the shank, a rug-inspired chenille tongue tag and a piece of jewelry “M” brand door handle shape on heel.

The beloved logo for the Alone at home the franchise is on the lateral sides of the shoe.


The sneakers come with a range of Home Alone accessories. Image: The sole supplier

Not only that, stills from the film are featured on interchangeable insoles along with iconic accessories that come in the form of interchangeable dubraes – little charms to clip to the shoe.

These are must-haves for everything Home alone fan and costs £ 85 via the Adidas website.

One of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time, Alone at home is appreciated from generation to generation and The sole supplier revealed that global demand increased by 188% compared to the same period last year.

According to The sole supplier, the request of Home Alone Trainers should be high.

Interest in shoe would have increased by 1.328% after photos of the shoes began to circulate on social networks.



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