Adidas Samba sneakers are $55 on Amazon


On and off the pitch, Adidas Samba shoes have adorned the feet of soccer players and sneakerheads alike for decades. Seriously, their reign dates back to 1949, when the brand invented the shoe to help players train on hard, icy pitches. Since then, people have been seen around the world in the iconic unisex sneakers. And lately we have noticed that Samba sneakers are gaining popularity. But, unlike other trends we’ve seen popping up this fall, the rise of the Adidas Samba actually makes sense; it comes down to style, ease and comfort.

The Adidas Samba trainers are arguably one of the most stylish sports trainers on the market, offering the wearer an effortless blend of athlete and street style. If you’re itching to jump on the fall shoe trend, which has already been embraced by Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Rihanna, we have good news: you can pick up a pair on Amazon today. The best-selling sneakers are on sale for as little as $55, depending on the color you choose. Currently, they are available in different variations of the classic black, white and brown combination.


To buy:, from $55 (originally $70)

If you ask us, sneakers match just about any outfit. One reviewer calls them a “classic shoe with timeless appeal.” Their versatility makes them an easy shoe choice when putting together an outfit, no matter the weather or what’s on your route. On sunny days when running errands, wear them with a summer dress to give a sporty touch to your look. If you’re hopping on a flight, throw them on with a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt, and you’re good to go. A fan of the shoe agrees, writing in an Amazon review: “I wear them everyday for biking, walking, working, going out, literally everything. I need a really special occasion to consider wearing something other than a Samba.

But perhaps one of the most notable features of shoes, and what makes them a closet staple today, is their fit. More than the majority of shoes on the market, the Adidas Samba sneakers are designed to provide the utmost comfort to the wearer – starting with their contouring EVA midsole that cushions your every step to provide all-around support. , especially in the arches.

And, since they were designed with athletes in mind, the sneaker’s forefoot and midfoot are covered in sleek suede to protect against abrasions, while suction on the gum sole provides traction and flexibility. The shoe falls into the lightweight category and the soft leather also makes them breathable.

Adidas Samba classic for men.


To buy:, $70

Guaranteeing their comfort, one reviewer described their fit as “perfect” as the trainers kept their feet supported while training for their kid’s soccer team. They also added that the Samba sneakers “feel so good [that] I have another pair for work. I had heel pain because I was wearing cheap shoes and my feet are amazing now. They even got the endorsement of an avid cyclist, who wrote, “I can ride all day and then use them to ride around town at night no problem.”

Commenting, an Amazon customer said: ‘They are super comfortable and I’m still wearing them almost two years after I bought them. They have traveled with me everywhere and I plan to wear them until they fall apart (which I don’t think will be soon). According to another reviewer, “These shoes changed my life forever!” The buyer also noted that “the elevated arch support and [comfort] of the shoe abolished my back pain from standing/walking all day. It’s not hard to see why they dubbed them “the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.”

Pro Tip: Some shoppers recommend sizing up. And as one Samba Sneaker fan said, “Adidas knows how to build a great pair of shoes.”

Curious to see if the Adidas Samba sneakers are up to the mark? Get a pair on Amazon today while they’re on sale for as low as $55.

At press time, pricing starts at $55.

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