Arthur and Friends Grow as the Animated Series Comes to an End


After 25 years, we said “hey” to Arthur and the gang for the last time, as the beloved TV series drew to a close – but not before showing us a flash-forward revealing what Arthur, Francine , Buster, DW and the gang would like all grown up.

According to Variety, Arthur is the longest-running animated children’s series on television. Starting in 1996, the family show is based on Marc Brown’s “Arthur’s Adventure” book series. It was announced in July 2021 that Arthur’s 25th season, airing on PBS, would be its last.

The flash-forward came at the end of the final episode, which aired live on the PBS Kids YouTube channel on February 21, simultaneously with its airing on PBS. In a nice meta-moment for the series, adult (and bearded) Arthur revealed himself to be a graphic novelist, with his first book being…about the adventures he and his friends had as a child. As for the rest of the characters, we also got a glimpse of their adult lives.

DW is now a cop (no shock there), Buster is a teacher, Francine runs a sneaker company, Muffy is a mayoral candidate, Binky is the weatherman, and George is now the Sugar Bowl manager.

In a statement to Variety, PBS said, “New Arthur content will continue to roll out in 2022 and beyond, including a podcast, video shorts that tackle timely and compelling topics, and digital games. All 25 seasons of ‘Arthur’ (over 250 episodes) will continue to be available on PBS Kids.

Carol Greenwald, Senior Executive Producer of GBH Kids, also told Variety, “It has been a privilege to work with an amazing and talented team to bring Arthur to public television audiences for over two decades,” said Carol Greenwald, senior executive producer of GBH Kids, in a statement. “We are excited about Arthur’s next chapter – sharing the stories and experiences of Arthur and his Elwood City community on media platforms where the next generation of children and families will connect with them for years to come. to come.”

For those based in the UK, all 25 seasons of Arthur are not currently on any streaming service. However, a large number of episodes are on Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer.

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