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The FX series Atlanta is one of the most unique and acclaimed shows on television with many fans eagerly awaiting its upcoming third season. The show can be very empowering at times and finds new ways to tell new stories on television. However, it is also one of the funniest shows around.

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There are endless moments in the series thanks to the colorful characters and wild situations. The show can find humor in the most relevant moments, but also isn’t afraid to get surreal with its comedy, resulting in so many hilarious quotes fans can’t get over.

ten Musical tastes

Darius: “I love Flo Rida. Mom needs raps too.”


Like a show set in the world of rap music, Atlanta has a lot to say about the industry and its artists. It highlights a lot of great talent, but is also willing to poke fun at some of it. But a joke in the show’s first episode serves as both compliment and disparagement.

After listening to someone describe a horrible DJ at a party who continued to play rapper Flo Rida, Darius defends the artist saying he loves his music. But adding that “Mom Needs Rap Too” hilariously clarifies her take on that kind of music.

9 Alfred makes a point

Alfred: “Manage? Do you know where the word ‘Manage’ comes from?” Win: “Manus. Latin for ‘Main’.” Alfred: “Probably, but I’ll say no for the purpose of my argument.”

The relationship between cousins ​​Earn and Alfred is one of the best aspects of the series. They often find themselves at odds as Earn is a more money-minded person who struggles to prove his worth to Alfred while Alfred is very keen on staying grounded as his fame increases.

This dynamic is immediately evident when Earn first asks to be Alfred’s manager. Alfred wonders if Earn knows where the word “manager” comes from, and although Earn gave a clever answer, Alfred is willing to ignore it in order to get his point across.


8 Bibby’s Apology

Bibby: “And his carbonator had jaundice.”

Bibby cuts Al's hair

While the show’s main characters are hilarious, Atlanta isn’t afraid to put a random character in the spotlight for a little while either. In one episode, fans meet Bibby, the ambitious but disorganized barber.

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When Alfred comes for a haircut, he ends up being dragged into Bibby’s various errands and jobs. When confronted by his angry girlfriend, Bibby blames his being late on Alfred, claiming he is a stranded motorist who needed help. His outlandish attempts at an apology make this quirky character all the more memorable.

7 Doubtful father figures

Teddy: “I want this wing of the museum to be dedicated to grandfathers. My dad, Joe Jackson, Marvin Gaye Sr., Tiger Woods’ dad, Serena Williams’ dad, dad who dropped off Emilio Estevez at the breakfast club .”

Perhaps the most memorable episode of the entire series is “Teddy Perkins,” a disturbing thriller-like episode that still gets plenty of laughs. It follows Darius’ mission to acquire a piano from an eccentric, reclusive man named Teddy Perkins.

As the episode progresses, Teddy shares stories with Darius about his past, including his overbearing father whom Teddy looks up to lovingly. He is considering building a museum dedicated to him and other intense father figures, but Andrew Clark’s father of The breakfast club is a hilarious and extravagant inclusion.

6 Darius’ views on time

Darius: “I would say it’s a pleasure to meet you, but I don’t believe in time as a concept, so I’ll just say we’ve always met.”

Lakeith Stanfield in Atlanta Heist Season

Many of the show’s funniest moments come from Darius and his outrageous quotes. The character clearly has a different view of the world and the way he sees things which he is not shy about sharing with people.

Even when meeting Earn’s unpredictable uncle, Darius still manages to be the weirdest person in the room. Instead of offering a normal greeting to the man, Darius decides that his unique perspective on the concept of time means they “always met”.

5 The wolf wants Crunch-O’s

Wolf: “I could eat those kids, but I’m here eating cereal.”

Cartoon wolf gets arrested in Atlanta

Although the show can feel very grounded at times, it’s fun to see how surreal Atlanta can get with some of its episodes. In one particularly brilliant episode, the entire episode focuses on Alfred’s appearance on a local interview show. But the weirdest moments come from the commercials that air.

An ad features a cartoon wolf trying to steal cereal from some kids with a policeman taking the “kids only” rule far too seriously. As the wolf gets roughed up, he points out that eating cereal instead of the kids is a pretty reasonable thing.

4 Clark County gets mad

Clark: “I would never get my hands on you. Don’t fuck it up cause I’m not the only one with hands in this world.”

Alfred, Earn and Clark in Atlanta

As Alfred’s stock in the music industry increases, he finds himself collaborating with a hot new rapper named Clark County. He is a friendly and positive artist who seems to take the craft very seriously. But he also has an intense and disturbing side.

When his engineer’s equipment breaks down during a recording session, Clark lets his anger show while trying to maintain a happy persona. As his intimidating entourage hovers above the engineer, Clark hilariously puts the man at ease while simultaneously threatening him.

3 Darius educates

Darius: “It’s all made up. Stay awake.”

Earnest and Darius walking together in Atlanta

While Darius seems to have such a strange perception of things, he actively tries to open people’s eyes to how he sees the world. And while a lot of what he says initially sounds ridiculous, it’s hard not to find some sense in it.

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When Darius remarks that his breakfast in a cup is aptly called “breakfast cup”, Earn dismisses it as something he just made up, Darius retorts that “It’s all made up. Stay awake. ” At first it sounds like a typical conspiracy speech, but he’s actually right.

2 Tracy’s Shopping Spree

Tracy: “They have a no-prosecution policy.”

Earn and Tracy walking through the mall in Atlanta

Season 2 of Atlanta introduces the character of Tracy who immediately becomes one of the show’s most notable characters. He is Alfred’s friend who has just been released from prison and is quickly making his way through the gang as he constantly creates trouble.

While shopping with Earn, Tracy reveals a little-known policy at the sneaker store that employees are not allowed to chase shoplifters out of the store. He explains this openly as a sales clerk stands right next to him and nonchalantly walks out of the store with several boxes of shoes.

1 odd request

Darius: “Can I measure your tree?”

Darius with his head out of a car window in Atlanta

As unusual as it is, it’s sometimes hard for viewers not to wish they had some of Darius’ natural curiosity. He seems to have such big and strange ideas that he approaches with childlike wonder.

When visiting Earn’s parents’ house, Darius quickly introduces himself to his father and then immediately asks to measure a tree in their yard. Earn’s confused father tells him not now, to which Darius sulks, which basically means no. What makes it funnier is that the reasons for his request are never given.

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