Azealia Banks makes big claims about Kanye in IG rant


Harlem rapper Azealia Banks is coming for Kanye West – again – in a series of rants posted on his Instagram Stories.

In one of the stories, Banks claims to have “turned down a request to collaborate with Kanye twice in a week,” claiming that she “would rather collaborate with Doja Cat than with Kanye at this point” because “she’s doing the best. music than him “.

Not so long ago, she was calling Nicki Minaj for working with that “white slut” Doja Cat.

Banks also suggested that Ye reconcile with Jay-Z to Watch Game of Thrones 2 she “might reconsider,” but added that it probably wouldn’t happen because “Jay doesn’t play that dirty dope head shit.”

The now-expired Instagram rants also called Ye and his new girlfriend Julia Fox for drug use.

“LOL Kanye is already sniffing dog food (heroin) with this girl …” she wrote.

“It’s confirmed. Divorce, Virgil, mourning his mum + a dirty junkie shooting himself while she was pregnant = calamity. You’re all gassing him now, but you’re going to call him a jerk in three months.

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Artist ‘212’ continued the Ye slang with this post:

Azealia Banks’ latest post on Kanye West also involves Kim Kardashian and Drake

“LOL, when Kim and Drake conspire to send a legendary heroin addict to orchestrate an overdose so that she can finally own all of Kanye West’s masters and that she and Drake can fuck to pieces [sic]. Your black ass cried on my phone for two months about how Kris Jenner wanted you dead… ”she wrote.

“TBH, dying of a heroin overdose might be the most iconic thing Kanye has done in years.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Banks has said something controversial about Ye.

Last year, she claimed to have fucked Ye, which would have inspired her mid-year single, “F *** Him All Night”.

Like The sun reported at the time, she also claimed to want to bear Ye’s children, telling one fan, “That’s good. I just want to be the mother of an all-African child from Azealia Banks x Kanye West.

She said later Rolling stone her tweets – and the trail – were because Ye had “trolled” her a lot.

“Listen to my music. Listen to the last five years of Kanye West’s music. I’m superior, ”she said.

“I don’t have to talk about what’s below me. He, I guess, sold sneakers and did some outrageous stuff, everything except music. When Kanye puts on music that’s important, then I guess we can have that conversation.

Clearly DONDA was not it, with Banks calling it “wild garbage … Music for the brothers of the hedgefunds”.

Ye did not respond to any of Banks’ complaints.


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