Ben Affleck Channels His Hype Dad In Travis Scott’s AJ1 Low Sneakers


Ben Affleck is both a regular dad and a cool dad, or a hype dad, should I say.

On Sept. 24, Ben Affleck and his kids visited the famous annual wonderland Spirit Halloween in Westwood, Calif., presumably styling costumes for the upcoming spooky season.

While Affleck was in charge of dad, he decided to channel the dad hype energy with Travis Scott x fragment x Air Jordan 1 Lows as his shoe selection.

Yes, it’s true. Affleck, America’s gem of the internet’s most relevant memes, has gotten his hands (and feet) on one of 2021’s most coveted drops. Priced at $150, the collaborative three-way sneakers are now selling out thousands on the secondary market.

Somewhere in the world, a sneakerhead probably just shed a tear remembering the L they took while the former Dark Knight casually flexed them during an outing with the kiddos.

As Affleck continues to work on the next untitled Nike movie he’s producing and starring in, his sneaker game is steadily heating up.

In August, Affleck surprised us wearing Travis Scott’s Dior sneakers, breaking away from his routine of Kenneth Cole sneakers and traditional dress shoes.

Just a few days ago, on Sept. 22, the actor threw his famous grimace at the paparazzi while sporting a new pair of Air Force 1 Low sneakers (and yes, the white ones).

Now, Affleck isn’t entirely giving in to the world of hype. His clothing selections always consist of non-flashy dad pieces like button-ups, jeans, and maybe a t-shirt here and there. No Supreme, BAPE or Off-White™ (yet).

A technique of methodical action? A foray into sneakerhead-dom? Or maybe he just loves Travis Scott. Who knows. Either way, it’s refreshing to see our Ben Affleck stepping up his shoe game — and not looking so disappointed in life at the same time.


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