Between cat naps, Sally greets guests at the Brookstown Inn | Monthly Winston-Salem


On several occasions, Sally has disappeared and caused great anxiety to the Brookstown Inn staff.

On her first misadventure, Sally wandered into neighboring apartments, and in case of mistaken identity, Sally was picked up. Leaflets were distributed in the community and two months later Sally was fired.

The most recent case of wanderlust occurred in 2019 during a summer thunderstorm. Sally, who can feel the rain coming, has disappeared.

A message was posted on the PawBoost app, and after two agonizing weeks, Sally was found. The stray cat is staying closer to home these days.

“Sally doesn’t walk around as much as she used to,” Rebecca says. “She seems happier staying closer to home.”

Sally hasn’t completely hung up her walking shoes – she has her own walkway at the back of the hostel. And she seems to have a passion for weddings – Sally has walked down the aisle with more than one bride on her wedding day.

Thanks to social media, Sally goes far beyond the walls of the Brookstown Inn.

Her Instagram account #sallycat27101 has 1,221 followers.

The media savvy feline has been recognized by national publications like US News Travel (for properties that have “pets in residence” to welcome guests); USA Today’s Top 10 list (a four-legged review for having animals that interact with guests and help reduce travel stress) and other accolades.


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