Cat Burglar: New Zealand pet steals bong, bag of white powder and lace underwear | New Zealand



A New Zealand cat known to be a talented thief has taken his habit to new lows by bringing home drugs and a pair of lacy black panties, according to his owners.

Keith’s crime wave began three years ago, when he began stealing bras from nearby clotheslines and bringing home live eels from the local Heathcote River to Christchurch.

But his ambitions have grown. According to owners Ginny and David Rumbold, in recent weeks the five-year-old black cat has brought home a bong and a ziplock bag containing unidentified white powder. He also left panties on the back fence.

Ginny and David Rumbold with Keith. The cat began his criminal career three years ago. Photograph: John Kirk-Anderson / Stuff Limited

“I suggested to him that diamonds and silver would be better,” Ginny Rumbold told the Stuff news site, which first reported on Keith’s criminal tendencies. “But that hasn’t happened so far.”

The Rumbolds had to fill two plastic boxes outside their front door with their cat’s ill-gotten gains so the neighbors could drop by to pick them up. But returning the goods proved to be little dissuasive for Keith, who has a habit of repeatedly stealing the same items.

Especially popular are steel-toed boots from a local craftsman. Despite the man weighing his shoes with fluorescent green 2.5-kilogram weights, Keith still manages to get them home without being seen – one shoe at a time.

Ginny Rumbold said locals were more amused than annoyed by the cat’s kleptomania. But his recent findings have drawn the attention of local authorities to Keith.

According to a police spokesperson, “Keith’s latest discovery is of particular concern – an instrument used to smoke cannabis. We’re going to grab the tool and talk to Keith about where he got it.



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