CAT Edge work boots could be the answer to your chronic pain


If you’re familiar with the world of construction boots, you’ve probably experienced some type of discomfort or pain from wearing them for long hours. Most work boots are designed for protection first (and they do a great job), but not for comfort, performance, or overall health.

Indeed, according to a recent investigation from the Harvard School of Public Health, 75% of construction workers experience some sort of chronic pain in their legs, knees, or lower back, all areas triggered by your feet. And on top of that, the commerce industry takes fewer days off than most. It’s taxing work for both mind and body, and the shoe industry hasn’t quite done it, until now.

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Walk in the new CAT EDGE. Available for pre-order today, these boots are designed with performance in mind, much like a sneaker. They are aimed directly at helping to reduce lower body pain and fatigue. You see, when you’re wearing the wrong shoes, the body does an amazing job of overcompensating for the extra work, and that fatigue can lead to a myriad of other health issues. Think about it, if you wear the wrong sneakers for a long distance, chances are you’ll have pain the next day somewhere on your body. And when you ruin a wound without healing it (if the construction workers go back to work the next day), good – This is an other story.

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Most workers don’t associate their pain with footwear, but just like a basketball shoe, work boots should allow for proper movement for the task at hand. In this case, it’s all about lifting, turning, twisting and leaning over rough terrain. To get technical, the wide and full midfoot contact in the new CAT EDGE reduces ankle rotation and weight bearing stresses. And the ergonomic insole supports the three main arches. These boots also prevent poor standing posture with increased stability by always being in full contact with the foot.

The technology in these Cat Footwear work boots is actually a comprehensive method called the “CAT EDGE 5-Point Injury Prevention System”. This includes a rounded heel to mimic the shape of the foot, a full contact outsole to provide stability and leg alignment, a split upper that allows the boot to move naturally with the foot, flex grooves in outsole and multi-contact insoles that provide superior comfort and support.

Dylan Vizy, Design Director at Cat Footwear, says: “We really focused on making the boot act much more like an athletic product rather than a typical work boot. [The CAT EDGE boots] are the most anatomically correct and biomechanically considered,” he says. The system helps mimic the natural movement of your feet while providing the best protection, non-negotiable Cat Footwear.

It will be interesting to see how the injury rate changes in the next study as more field workers get their hands on these boots. Until then, these outdoor-focused shoes could save you from lower-body pain, discomfort, and fatigue on the court. These might be your new favorite “sneakers”.

CAT EDGE Nano Toe Waterproof Work Boot

CAT EDGE Nano Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Now 11% off

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