Dawn Staley won another national championship and did it in style.


The South Carolina Gamecocks beat the UConn Huskies 64-49 in Sunday’s national championship game, meaning Dawn Staley just handed Geno Auriemma his first loss as head coach in 12 appearances at the national championship.

She also became the first black coach in Division I basketball history win several national championships.

And she did it while wearing expensive designer brand clothes that only someone of Dawn Staley’s pedigree could ever pull off.

The price to pay ? Well, let’s just say that’s in the price range of someone who got a seven-year, $22.4 million contract extension.

Apparently his players are big fans.

Ask yourself the question: how cool and confident do you have to be to show up to the biggest game of the year in LV?

Shout out to Coach Staley and the Gamecocks for winning their second National Championship and getting some swag while doing it.


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