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We are honored to announce Dad of the month for November 2021: Phil Pinti. Phil is a wonderful example of a father who goes above and beyond, even though he suffers from heartache and grief. Her good friend Sara wrote her application and if that doesn’t inspire you too we will be shocked:

“Phil and I have been besties since 2011. During this time, we have both experienced trauma, triumphs, setbacks and major wins. Specifically, Phil has been able to turn setbacks and trauma into resilience and tenacity.

“In 2016, Phil’s beloved wife Jennifer died of stage 4 lung cancer. Losing Jenn meant Phil became a full-time single dad overnight. He used this devastating loss to make him the best father of his two children. He also motivated those around him through his history and his triumphs.

“Phil gives the world to his two children. Nothing – and I mean nothing – comes before them. His quiet battles, which are not easy as a single father, inspire so many. Whether it’s a social media post, a funny story he tells, or another anecdote, Phil brings joy wherever he goes.

“No matter what happens in the world, Phil makes sure his family traditions stand the test of time. Although simplistic in nature, “Red Robin Wednesdays” are now weekly. Every Wednesday, Phil takes his daughter and son to Red Robin for burgers and broccoli (yes, they do order broccoli as a side!). It’s those little touches that I love about Phil.

“Phil runs in his spare time. Phil is not just any runner, he is The runner. This man runs over 30 miles like it’s an easy Sunday walk. The way he removes huge obstacles surprises me on a daily basis. The way he motivates and inspires others is unlike anything I have ever seen.

“His dedication, his ability to bounce back, his humor and his incredible way of handling everything make me name him Dad of the Month.”

To honor Phil, his commitment to family and his inspiring lifestyle, we send him $ 500. Phil’s tenacity and courage are amazing characteristics in and of themselves, but in light of these tragic losses they are even more commendable. Cheers!

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