Desir says he will not tolerate corruption in RSLPF


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Saint Lucia Police Commissioner Milton Desir has signaled zero tolerance for corruption within the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) and warned that officers who assist criminals will be fired immediately.

“That’s one thing I don’t tolerate in the force – that’s corruption and I know the commissioners before me would say the same to me,” Desir told a news conference this week.
In this regard, he revealed that an officer received marching orders for bribery in May.

“We have people saying the police are corrupt, but we need to have the information to act on it,” Desir told reporters.

And he warned that once officers give information to a criminal gang, he considers those cops to be criminals themselves who do not deserve to be in the RSLPF.

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“Helping criminals, you would be fired immediately for that,” he said.

At the same time, the police commissioner commended the officers who worked hard and gave their best at work.

According to Desir, sometimes off-duty officers have to leave their homes, sometimes at midnight to respond to reports of gunshots.

However, he observed that the crime goes deeper than the gunshots.

He spoke of the need to continue to tackle social issues, including indiscipline, and the need for effective parenting, pointing out that some parents do not give children proper guidance.

In contrast, the police commissioner noted that parents who find their children succumb to negative influences.

In this regard, he disclosed that criminals are sponsoring school children.

“They inspire them to do what they do. Why go to school and spend eight hours on a bench when I could pick up my basketball, whether it’s your Nike to go to work? Desire said at the press conference.

He explained that these issues need to be addressed for change to happen in Saint Lucia.

And Desir acknowledged the public outcry over crime in Saint Lucia.

“We hear the cry: ‘Now is the time for you to act’. But it won’t take a day to do that,” he said, noting that the RSLPF remains committed.

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