Dickies launches its multi-generational campaign Made in Dickies: Generations


The global workwear brand celebrates 100 years with its five most iconic styles through generational family stories

FORT WORTH, TX, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dickies, the world’s leading workwear brand, celebrated its centenary earlier this year with “Made in Dickies”, a campaign honoring Dickies’ blue-collar, American roots by bringing workwear and stories inspired by the work. Dickies have long been worn around the world by artists, farmers, skaters and welders doing extraordinary things. It’s makers like these who have contributed to the new “Made in Dickies” campaign, demonstrating different types of work and skills that have been passed down through generations of families. ‘Made in Dickies: Generations’ highlights the five iconic styles that are inherently Dickies through their ‘Icon’ series; five short videos showing that hard work is a family affair. From humble beginnings, they hone their craft with pride, seeing the torch carried by future generations, creating their own legacy. The ‘Icon’ series will be available on Dickies digital and social platforms worldwide.

The campaign features two UK-based small businesses, passed down from generation to generation, and 3 US-based Dickies “Makers”, a Pitmaster, a Lowrider and a Singer who have found their passions, passed down through their families. Made in Dickies: Generations, presents a behind-the-scenes look at their professional lives and reveals the people and stories that shaped them through the family line at the heart of their journey.

Dickies visited these “Icons” with a single purpose and documented their daily lives. Through films and portraits, the content explores the bonds within each family and the work they do for the communities where they reside, a notion that has been at the heart of the Dickies brand since its inception. For 100 years and generations, Dickies’ connection to work culture and community through self-expression has continuously celebrated those who shape their own path.

The global campaign has seen Dickies partner with creative agency Breaks, British talent including director Ollie Rillands, photographer Brown Lilyvideographer Ali Hutchison and stylist lewis munro to produce the 5 Made in Dickies: Generations stories.

These 5 Dickies icons are:

Pit Master Kevin Bludso

A Southern BBQ Legend CaliforniaKevin was born and raised in Compton. His father, a policeman, and his mother feared that he would grow up in such a dangerous area that they sent him to Texas the summers to live with her grandmother. Grandma, the daughter of a sharecropper who taught her how to cook and barbecue. She passed that on to Kevin, and what came out of it was a successful barbecue career, from Compton and makes its way through Los Angeles. Her story is one of generational love and overcoming difficult beginnings to success through hard work.

Kona Rose, the songbird

Kona Rose is a singer and recording artist based in Los Angeles, California. She was introduced to the arts at a young age by her mother, who was the first principal dancer in michael jackson tour group. Growing up, Kona received VHS tapes of her mother touring the world and dancing alongside her. michael jackson, Prince and other A-list acts. These bands are what sparked Kona’s determination to pursue the arts as a career path. Her father, a Hollywood film producer and CEO of Motown Records, died when Kona was a baby. The combined legacy of her father and her mother’s successful career is what Kona considers the driving force behind her creative ambition. Kona will release new singles worldwide in November.

Kay KaoruThe Lowrider

Born and raised in Japan, Kay was on a career path to follow in her father’s footsteps to enter medicine. Along the way, she realized that it was not her passion. She became depressed and developed an eating disorder. His life then took a turn, and through an unexpected vocation – lowriders. She first discovered passion in Japanthen moved to California and fully dived in, later meeting and marrying Mikey. Mikey’s father is also a lowrider legend. Kay and Mikey have become staples in the lowrider community, building and customizing cars. She came from a family built on a strong work ethic and fell in love with a career that deals with the beautiful machines of the past and brings them into a new and crafty future.

Newington Green Shoe Repair,

Third-generation cobbler/shoe repairer, brothers Tevfik and Erkin took over the business from their grandfather, after losing their father and grandfather to COVID. Newington Green Shoe Repairs was started by their grandfather in 1980 and its work dates back to Northern Cyprus, where he made shoes. The shoemaking business is a long-established and much-loved shop in the community and is the family’s only link to her father and grandfather.

The Hammam,

When Papa Chung Came London of hong kong 44 years ago, he opened a Chinese Takeaway at 230 Kingsland Road. In 2004 and after Papa Chung’s retirement, his son Tony converted the space into a dry cleaning shop. Caring for and advising customers on how to clean and preserve their garments ranging from work to casual wear, Tony is also a renowned raw denim specialist. He and his wife Fran believe in incorporating their traditional Chinese values ​​of harmony, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and diplomacy into their daily lives and business. Sustainability is also very important to their business, and through a small offering of lifestyle products, they share their knowledge of preserving clothes.

Dickies “Icons” are available for purchase worldwide:

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Dickies’ 100-year heritage in workwear and its ever-changing cultural relevance can best be captured in the brand’s five most iconic styles:

  • The 874 work trousers, a universal essential, an evolution of the original Dickies 100% cotton work trousers.
  • The Eisenhower Jacketa utilitarian understatement named after General Dwight D. Eisenhower which made the silhouette famous, evolved from the uniforms worn by the United States Armed Forces during World War II.
  • The work shirteffortless in style and one of the first Dickies products created over 90 years ago, is the perfect complement to the 874 work trousers and when worn together is often referred to as the Dickies suit, completing a Dickies uniform from head to toe.
  • The combination, adaptable through self-expression, was originally created to protect your ‘street’ clothes at work.
  • overalls, a timeless staple that dates back to the first product ever sold by Dickies nearly 100 years ago in indigo and hickory striped denim.

About Dickies

Since the company’s introduction over 100 years ago, workers from all walks of life have chosen Dickies as their first choice for durable, functional and hardwearing clothing. Whether it’s tattoo artists, skateboarders, custom bike builders or construction workers, it’s thanks to this vast workwear heritage and brand adoption across different subcultures. that Dickies has become much more than workwear.



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