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Our opinion

Extremely comfortable shoes that will keep your feet cool on hot days, but you’ll pay the price when it gets wet

Ultralight; ultra-breathable; ultra-comfortable

The inconvenients:
Not for cold days or bad weather

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Italian brand DMT pioneered 3D knit shoe uppers with their famous DMT KR1 Knit and licensed it to some of the world’s leading athletic shoe manufacturers.

This technology was also used in the shoes that Tadej Pogačar wore when winning the Tour de France.

For 2022, however, DMT has taken the woven upper and applied it to an all-new full carbon outsole on its KRSL shoes.

DMT KRSL Shoe Construction

The one-piece stretch upper fits well and does not require a tab.
Warren Rossiter / Our Media

The new anatomically shaped sole features four large mesh vents to aid breathability and reduce weight, as well as a 1cm deep lip on the sides for added stability.

The one-piece stretch upper has a close, sock-like fit without the need for a tongue. The laces are anchored to elastic cords which are glued to the base on each side of the upper.

This allows you to tighten the fit more evenly across the forefoot, reducing the risk of discomfort across the top of the foot.

In fact, the fit of the shoe is so snug that the laces only seem like a secondary security measure (there’s an elastic pocket to store the ends for neatness and security).

There’s also a protective waxy layer that’s bonded to the lower third of the woven material on the upper, and the toe box has a large diamond-shaped open mesh panel on top for added ventilation.

Fit and Performance of DMT KRSL Shoes

The heel cup has a gridded silicone lining.
Warren Rossiter / Our Media

On the bike, the KRSLs are incredibly comfortable. Running shoes are generally all about stiffness, and the KRSLs still have all the stiffness you’ll need in the sole.

The compliance of the upper is unrivaled among the best road cycling shoes, while the reinforced heel with a gridded silicone lining holds your foot securely.

The weight, or lack thereof, is impressive, with my test pair tipping the scales at a very low 497.2g for a size 45 (UK 10), putting them among the lightest shoes I’ve ever had. have tested.

Details such as the replaceable heel bumper for walking are also welcome.

Even on the hottest rides and long days in the saddle, my feet didn’t approach overheating or sweating.

These shoes have great ventilation and breathe better than any other lightweight shoes I’ve tried.

However, this has a downside. On cooler days the shoes can feel a bit chilly and they didn’t keep my feet dry when the rain came.

Bottom line of DMT KRSL shoes

The KRSL is a good shoe, but it’s not a winter shoe.
Warren Rossiter / Our Media

DMT KRSL shoes are worth the investment if you do a lot of long cycles in hot, dry places. They are extremely comfortable, light, breathable and perfectly fitted.

However, this investment can be a bit risky if you ride often in changeable weather conditions, as they suffer terribly in the wet.


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