Dragon Ball’s Beerus & Whis Hilariously Recreated Using a Fan’s Pet Cat


Beerus and Whis are two powerful Dragon Ball characters with fun visual looks, and when a cat and its owner cosplay as a couple, things get funny.

In the popular manga and anime series dragonball, Beer and whiskey have character designs that uniquely complement their god-level powers, and when recreating these looks in real life, a fan and her pet cat take things to a hilarious new level! Suffice it to say cats need to dress up dragonball badges much more often.

Shared by Lonelyman (@lowcostcosplayth) via Instagram, this account is known for posting exactly what its handle entails: low cost cosplay designs. Often using household items, simple DIY makeup effects, random objects, and more, Lonelyman’s posts portray his transformations in a fun light, as he always makes sure to end them with side-by-side comparisons of his cheap cosplay creations and the official image he tries to replicate.


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Ranging from cosplaying as beloved anime characters, fan-favorite movie heroes, well-known celebrities, and even random items, Lonelyman makes sure every new post shows off his creativity by making the perfect cosplay on a shoestring budget. And now that he turns to the god of destruction in Beerus and his right-hand man and martial arts teacher in Whis, Lonelyman has outdone himself!

First shown sporting a very Whis-esque hairstyle while holding his adorable feline friend, the next image shows Lonelyman’s Sphynx cat standing ready to receive his hilarious Beerus sons for a low price. Adding a thin layer of blue makeup to his face as well as a few homemade flourishes to complete his unique take on Whis, Lonelyman positions his cat Beerus to the far right of the frame, perfectly matching the final image he is trying to recreate. . which shows the real Beerus and Whis as seen in the dragonball animated.

Two characters who are overpowered even compared to the incredibly strong dragonball the heroes of Goku and Vegeta, Beerus and Whis are fan favorites not only because of their immense strength, but also their insatiable appetite for anything related to food as well as. Often seen gorging on home-cooked meals, exotic dishes, delicious sweets, and anything else they can put their mouths on, Beerus and Whis are an odd couple that gets even weirder — and funnier — after Lonelyman done with them.

Cosplay has always been a fun way to express fans’ love for all things nerd, and adding a pet cat who is essentially Beerus in all but name (and presumably power level), Lonelyman manages to do something as funny as that. is impressive. the dragonball has given its fan community dozens of great cosplays to enjoy over the years, and that Beer and whiskey is no exception!

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