eBay Sneaker Store challenges collectors’ rule of thumb


eBay is opening a pop-up store in Los Angeles where it will sell exclusive and coveted sneakers for up to 70% off the market price. And as a gimmick, it will offer lower prices to shoppers who carry their purchases to the door – a cardinal sin for diehard collectors.

In its press release, eBay said: “According to a recent survey of over 1,000 sneakerheads, commissioned by eBay, the majority of respondents said they wore less than half of their collections.”

That’s because condition is a major factor in the value of collectibles – and not just for sneakers. “Never worn” (or never opened) is a collection principle.

But unlike many other types of collectibles, sneakers don’t necessarily last forever. A High Snobiety article from last year stated, “Tiktok’s latest viral trend reaffirms the obvious: wear your shoes! and wrote, “Right now, videos of crumbling sneaker soles are doing the rounds on TikTok and Instagram.”

eBay said its “Wear ‘Em Out” sneaker store will carry a selection of the season’s most coveted styles, including new releases that would normally only be available at dead-end prices.

The Offset musician helped drive the hype for the marketing campaign, which helped curate store deals by “using his years of collecting sneakers to figure out what collectible kick fans would most want to destock “.

eBay presents a preview of the store’s inventory at Sneaker Con Anaheim (May 21-22). The Wear ‘Em Out eBay store will be open May 27-29, 2022 at 455 N Fairfax in Los Angeles.

Marketing promotion is part of eBay’s vertical strategy – what it told Wall Street analysts is that it focuses on high-value buyers and targeted categories, which include sneakers, watches, handbags, trading cards, automotive parts and accessories, and refurbished products.

“With reliable services such as Authenticity Guarantee, low seller fees, 3D real view of eBay and money back guarantee, eBay gives buyers confidence with every sneaker purchase,” eBay said in the statement. this week’s announcement about his sneaker store.

One thing missing from the ad: Where does eBay source inventory for the store, and did it invite eBay sellers to participate? Will this 70% price reduction impact eBay seller listings in the short term, even though it will only be available in one location for only 3 days? And will it help eBay sellers in the longer term by bringing attention to the sneaker category?

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
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