FILA announces Dragon Ball Super Sneaker line, starting with Vegeta


FILA has announced their next line of Dragon Ball sneakers inspired by the popular manga series, and they’re launching it with Vegeta.

Akira Toriyama dragonball The manga series has reached extreme levels of popularity since its debut in the 80s, and a new collaboration with FILA will allow fans to celebrate the franchise with a series of sneakers, starting with a pair inspired by the anti-hero Vegeta.

In the nearly 40 years since Toriyama was founded dragonball series debuted in the Weekly Shōnen Jump manga magazine, it became a franchise that fueled five highly rated anime television series, helped reinvigorate a mainstream love for anime in America and beyond, produced countless films, and continues to release manga for millions of fans around the world. This new collaboration between FILA and manga is another step in delivering great products to a dedicated fan base.


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The announcement, which came out of the Funimation panel at this year’s New York Comic Con (and was confirmed by Funimation on their site), will not be the last. Representatives have revealed that the Vegeta design is just one of many Dragon Ball Super-inspired shoes to be released by the popular shoe company. The rest of the line is expected to be revealed sometime in November, but for now, fans will just have to get noticed based on the look of the Vegeta pair below. Actual shoe styles aren’t new to FILA’s shoe lineup, but their Renno sneakers are getting a makeover with the recently announced animated collaboration, and will be available in men’s and kids’ sizes for $100 and $90 respectively, as noted. by RBC.

FILA Renno x Dragon Ball Super Vegeta

Vegeta’s Super Saiyan God shaped armor is the specific inspiration for the FILA Renno x Dragon Ball Super Vegeta shoe. The blue, white and gold color scheme alone is enough to remind dedicated fans of the iconic armor, but if that wasn’t enough the shoe’s tongue and heel also display the Dragon Ball Super logo, there’s no so there’s no way to miss the reference. The sneakers are meant to capture the spirit of the proud Saiyan Prince whose life mission is to become the greatest warrior who ever lived.

According to Funimation, they will also be releasing a FILA F-13 x Dragon Ball Super Trunks pair. “which pays homage to his faded jeans, red scarf and sword.” While it’s still unclear exactly how many shoes they’ll be releasing for this collab, it’ll still be exciting to see what other character/shoe style combinations they’ll announce in November. One thing is certain, if the FILA Renno x Dragon Ball Super Vegeta the shoes are any indication, the rest of the line is sure to be epic.

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Source: Funimation, RBC

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