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Everything new on Netflix, Shudder, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Peacock, Disney+ and Hulu this week.

Premieres Wednesday, August 17:

High heat — From Mexico comes a new series about a young man whose investigation into his brother’s death leads to a local fire station. And I’m not talking about the firehouse subs, because all you get there is a digestive upset. (Netflix)

Look both ways Sliding doors as a romcom? A young woman who is about to graduate from college straddles her potential parallel future as a single mother and (alternatively) childless careerist. The implication that she has a choice in the matter means the show is labeled science fiction in 26 states. (Netflix)

Royalteen – Norwegian YA Literature gives a romance series in which a daughter’s pursuit of a literal handsome prince is threatened by a dark secret from her past. Namely, that she was pretty ok with it when the Maelstrom Ride was replaced by Frozen Ever After. (Netflix)

Premieres on Thursday, August 18:

Dragons: The Nine Kingdoms – Navigating the dangerous new Realm of Fire portends all sorts of dangers in Season 3, but there is also a serious threat to the continued viability of the Crystal Realm. And here you thought meth would never go out of style. (Peacock and Hulu)

Glorious — When he dives into a public restroom in an attempt to recover from a hangover, an unlucky young man finds himself trapped in his cabin, with the ominous voice of JK Simmons speaking to him through a glory hole. Listen, he should count his blessings. Six months ago it could have been Gilbert Gottfried. (Shudder)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – Not to be confused with the Kevin Smith controversy Masters of the Universe: Revelation, this more traditionally adventurous take on the He-Man legend enters Season 3 with the ghost of Skeletor enlisting an army of snake men to defeat Eternia. For his part, Smith will be back with Masters of the Universe: Revolution, which means you might still get the chance to see the Sword of Power turn into a giant bong. (Netflix)

Innocents – Norwegian writer-director Eskil Vogt’s supernatural thriller about a quartet of pre-teens with fearsome powers has been compared to everything from Children of the Damned at Lord of the Flyher The turn of the screw. But not, strangely, for The Goonies, which is pretty much my go-to for kids you’d like to date a stone. (Shudder)

She Hulk: Lawyer – Orlando legend Peg O’Keef is one of the surprise guest stars as goofy green-skinned Marvel heroine Jennifer Walters gets her own series. Oh, and Mark Ruffalo, Tim Roth and Benedict Wong are also on board. If you happen to like too-rans. (Disney+)

Selena + Chef Season 4 — After three seasons of cooking in her own home, Selena Gomez is moving to a beach house in Malibu for the next episode of her cooking series. Since Emmy snub, she just suffered for Only murders in the building, you should probably take a good whiff of what she has prepared before biting into it. (HBO Max)

Tekken: Bloodline – The ’90s video game juggernaut is reborn as an anime series in which driven martial artist Jin Kazama trains to compete in the King of Iron Fist tournament. I’m pretty sure I saw this at Southern Nights, and if I remember correctly, they’re going to have to put up a tarp. (Netflix)

The undeclared war – A production partnership with Britain’s Channel 4 brings us this cyber-thriller series set in the year 2024, when online deceptions by foreign actors threaten to undermine an upcoming election. This is just a cautionary tale in Britain, where they could still have a real election by 2024. (Peacock)

Premieres on Friday August 19:

bad sisters — Predictably, the comedy is dark as five Irish siblings try to dispel suspicions that they may have killed the eldest’s abusive husband. Suspicions ? As far as I know, in Ireland this kind of thing is practically an Olympic qualification. (AppleTV+)

The Cuphead Show – Part 2 of the animated throwback comes just as wokescolds online have discovered the Disney/Fleischer tropes it relies on were actually a bit racist. I can’t put anything on these people! But wait until they understand the colonialist implications of Indian ink. (Netflix)

echoes — Cheating on your family is fun and games until it’s not. And that’s what Australian identical twins discover when their years of identity swapping results in one of them missing. Great, now I can never watch again The parent trap without thinking of Natalee Holloway. (Netflix)

The girl in the mirror — A bus crash kills scores of Spanish students and leaves one of the survivors both amnesiac and with the nauseating feeling that her loved ones are lying to her about what happened. If you noticed it looks almost identical to Apple TV Surface, who bowed just three weeks ago, you’re clearly not taking the bus. (Netflix)

Cleo – This period detective series about a female assassin seeking revenge after the fall of the Berlin Wall has been described as a German version of Quentin Tarantino. Oh man! As thinly veiled warnings go, it’s right there with “Kissimmee’s response to Chuck Palahniuk”. (Netflix)

make the cut – Guest judges joining Tim and Heidi for Season 3 are R&B duo Chloe x Halle, stylist Jason Bolden and TikTok fashion plaque Wisdom Kaye. If we’re going to do influencers, can’t we have this Chihuahua that owns a lot of sweaters? (Amazon Premium)

The next 365 days – In the third entry of the universally criticized version of Poland fifty shades frankness, Laura and Massimo try to preserve their relationship and not let Nacho come between them. This time I think I’m with the Poles: I mean, hands down if nachos haven’t ever ruined one of your relationships. (Netflix)

Orphan: first murder – The adult psychopath who can pass as a preteen comes to America in a 2009 prequel Orphan, debuting simultaneously on streaming and in theaters. And maybe in ball pits, so watch out! (Primary+)

Girls by the surf – Kim Dwinell’s graphic novels come to life, with their overloaded narratives intact: Besties Jade and Sam find themselves befriending a ghost and trying to solve a pirate mystery – when not engaging in more typical activities, like surfing or sublimating their true desires into heteronormativity. Sorry, I meant “meet cute guys”. (AppleTV+)

All by Lucy — The streaming media’s obsession with Lucille Ball becomes an epidemic with a Spanish-language update to her groundbreaking sitcom. In a modern twist, the series’ take on Fred and Ethel is a pair of gay men. It is now up to every drag queen in Tijuana to create an impeccable impression of Vivian Vance. (Amazon Premium)

First Saturday, August 20:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Scar’s Revenge – The second live-action feature in the manga-based franchise pits the Elric brothers against a serial killer with a distinctive scar on his forehead. But we all knew Harry Potter was going to snap if asked about JK Rowling one more time. (Netflix)

Premieres on Tuesday, August 23:

Chad and JT go deep — Socially conscious pranksters/podcasters try to stay “fuelled” as they take their activism to the streets, only to face backlash when they choose the wrong cause to champion. Hell, you mean the pursuit of public respectability is ultimately a circular firing squad? Fortunately, I chose crossfit as a hobby instead. (Netflix)

So vam – Trans teenager Alice Maio Mackay directed this satirical shock about an aspiring drag queen who goes down with a pack of vampires to prey on cult mortals. Look, not only do I have nothing bad to say about this as a premise for a movie, but I’m pretty much ready to endorse it as a way of life. (Shudder)

Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1 —This week’s episode traces the rise and fall of the sneaker company that made stars a bunch of scrappy streetballers, including The Professor, Hot Sauce, Shane the Dribbling Machine and Andre Who Wishes He Had Gotten His MBA . (Netflix)


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