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The animated comedy, Fairfax returns to Amazon Prime Video.

Fairfax tells the story of four college hypebeasts navigating their lives through the eyes of social media and popular influencers. While drawing attention to the many themes that impact the world as we see it today, elements of humor and sarcasm are added. The shenanigans of Generation Z are back on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the world.

Featuring Skyler Gisondo (Virtuous Gemstones) as Dale, Kiersey Clemons (Lover) like Derica, Peter S. Kim (yes day) like Benny, and Jaboukie Young-White (A good person) as Truman; and star-studded guest appearances from Billy Porter, Zoey Deutch, Camila Mendes, Yvette Nicole Brown, Annie Murphy, Guy Fieri, John Leguizamo, etc.! Based on the streets of Los Angeles, the new season tackles diversity issues, identity biases, LGBTQ issues, cancel/woke culture, “drop culture” in fashion, influence hunting, the popularity of social media versus reality and the importance of friendship.

The Knockturnal: Tell us about your character on the show.

Peter S. Kim: My character’s name is Benny Choi. He’s a thirteen-year-old hypebeast, he’s a sneaker god! He’s probably the coolest person I know. I was inspired by my younger brother who is very cool and edgy about street fashion – I’m clearly not. I look like the Dungeons and Dragons nerd that I am but there are so many people in my family that I have to channel for this character. He’s just a sweet, confident, cool kid!

The Knockturnal: Give us a general description of the series and the Gang Gang.

Peter S. Kim: The show is called Fairfax and it’s about four middle schoolers who go to Fairfax Middle School and are constantly trying to keep up with the hype and gain clout in any way they can. Season 1 begins with the Gang Gang figuring out how to get to the lair of their icon, Hiroki Hassan from The Train. Season 2 begins with the Gang Gang realizing there’s a new trendy fashion god in town and they must figure out how to stay loyal or how to switch sides and chase influence.

The Knockturnal: Would you stay loyal or chase influence?

Peter S. Kim: I am 100% faithful. Benny and I are very aligned. I don’t care if you don’t look cool – if you’re my favorite, I’ll ride or die.

The Knockturnal: Was there a favorite influence hunting scene in Season 2 that was super fun to play?

Peter S. Kim: They were all great fun, but honestly my favorite was the Fairfax Flea episode and how Benny took Dale under his wing, showing him what the hype is all about, this Fairfax is centered around (i.e. the flea market) and how absurd it gets. It was probably my favorite.

The Knockturnal: Who is the audience for the show and what do you hope they take away from it?

Peter S. Kim: It’s definitely adult animation, so if you like smart and often biting and satirical animated comedies, then this is the show for you. I hope millennials and Gen Z watch this because we celebrate and satirize them at the same time. But it’s really for anyone interested in a comedy show on a set – that’s what it really boils down to. It’s about the friendships of these four kids and how they support each other, everything else is just icing on the cake.

The Knockturnal: Who are your favorite social influencers?

Peter S. Kim: I’m a TikToker named Brittany Broski who’s just hilarious. She became famous for drinking kombucha and reacting to it, which is the most Gen Z thing – that would fit into Fairfax, the show. I love it. I love the Black Forager. She is a nerdy black girl who goes to the forests and looks for edible plants and mushrooms and makes honey and tea from them. As far as brands, I don’t really subscribe to a lot of cool brands – I’m pretty boring but I love my shoe game and I’m a Nike guy. My boyfriend always says, “You’re really brand loyal,” but I’ve been wearing Nike since I was three, so I can’t wear anything else. I’m stuck in a groove.

The Knockturnal: Are you a sneakerhead like Benny?

Peter S. Kim: I wouldn’t say I’m a sneaker fan, but I appreciate good shoes.

The Knockturnal: How did you start playing?

Peter S. Kim: Actually, I was a Data Scientist for Yahoo for 7 years, then one day while working in San Francisco I tried stand-up and my whole life changed. Since then I’ve been on the Second City stages and that’s really where I started playing – improv and sketching. I had a few commercials and TV spots in Chicago, then I said “you know what, I think it’s time for LA”, so I came here. I didn’t think I was going to become an actor. I did not study it, comedy led me there.

The Knockturnal: Do you like the LA grind?

Peter S. Kim: Yeah! I like to create in Los Angeles. It’s fertile ground for that. There are so many people who are willing to collaborate and want to create. Everyone wants to be creative. There’s a plethora of like-minded people and I really appreciate the space here.

The Knockturnal: Who would you like to collaborate with, director/actor wise in the future?

Peter S. Kim: I would love to collaborate with Adam McKay. He’s also from Second City and I really admire his work and his voice. I would also love to work with Taika Waititi, that would be amazing, and Margaret Cho, my first comedy icon.

The Knockturnal: what’s next for you?

Peter S. Kim: I have a few TV developments going on, but what excites me the most is writing and directing a short film. It’s about two eighteen-year-old gay Christian boys who spend a wild night at camp and their lives are changed forever.

The Knockturnal: Where are you in this process?

Peter S. Kim: We do pre-production. We get the budgets and locations together.


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