Here’s a look at Nike’s upcoming Union Dunk Low sneakers.



We know Nike is gearing up to kick off a Dunk sneaker tidal wave in 2022, and its next collaboration with streetwear label Union LA is sure to be one of the hottest of the year. The brands are set to release a trio of Dunk Low shoes to celebrate Union’s 30th anniversary, featuring a travel-inspired theme and DIY design with exposed and colorful materials (like orange stitching) – similar to what we have seen with the set of Union Air Jordan 1 and 4s.

Another blow – The Nike x Union Dunk Lows will follow their successful partnership on the aforementioned Jordan sneakers, which have become one of the most sought-after pairs for sneakerheads since their AJ1 arrived in 2018. Now Union will put its twist on the shoe. one of the most popular Nike. silhouettes of the moment, the Dunk Low, with three pairs of ripstop rods: one is sky blue with white and orange highlights; the other white, gray, purple and yellow which gives it a Lakers look; and last but not least, an olive green shoe with dark blue and gray tones which is definitely my favorite.

As mentioned before, Union Dunk Lows are inspired by travel, and so each pair should come with custom Union LA bag tags attached to the laces – yes, much like what you see with the Off-branded zipper – White on Nike shoes. And, based on the picture we have here that Grab Got it, Union also casually teases his wireless headphones collaboration with Beats, which is even more tied to the travel and music story that founder Chris Gibbs is trying to bring to these shoes.

Please drop them now – Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when Nike and Union plan to release their Dunk Low pack, or how many they will be (expect them to be around $ 120). But since Union technically celebrated its 30th in 2021, rumors have it that the sneakers are expected to arrive later this year on Nike’s SNKRS app, at Union stores and other retailers – so you better get ready, because you already know they’re going to be hard to get.




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