If you have a toddler you MUST buy their shoes at Target – their policy is a lifesaver


SHOPPING for toddlers can be frustrating.

They grow so fast out of their clothes, and when they get into them, they find ways to scuff them every time they wear them.


A mother shared her favorite store to buy toddler shoes1 credit: TikTok/jennvercammen
She said the Cat & Jack brand at Target has the best return policy


She said the Cat & Jack brand at Target has the best return policy1 credit: TikTok/jennvercammen

A mother named Jenn Vercammen, who passes @jennvercammen on TikTok, said she swears by Target’s toddler shoes because of their wonderful return policy.

In a recent clip, she began:

“Buy your toddler shoes only from Target and only from the Cat & Jack brand.”

The brand’s one-year guarantee means you can take the shoes back within a year if you’re unhappy with their quality or if they’ve lost their durability.

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“If they wear out, if they break, if the straps come off, even if they’re gross.

“I literally took a pair of my kid’s shoes back today because there was a hole in the toe, and they replace them or refund them and you can get a new pair totally free.”

In the comments section, she urged shoppers to keep their receipt to guarantee reimbursement.

Viewers were thrilled with the news, and some shared other little-known Target tips:

“Same for their clothes. Great when the season changes,” one person said.

“Yes! And not all employees are aware of the policy, so be persistent and ask for a manager if necessary!” added for a second.

Others, however, thought the practice was unfair:

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“I would never do this. Totally abusing politics. A good pair of running shoes is only supposed to give you about 500 miles. All shoes die,” one person wrote.

“People trade in a pair of $19 sandals that their child has worn out? I can understand if the strap broke after a week, but if it wears out, buy another,” chimed in for a second.

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You Can Save On Your Little One’s Wardrobe Using This Rule1 credit: TikTok/jennvercammen

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