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Jadakiss has long been considered one of the most memorable rap voices in the genre’s history, so he’s the perfect candidate to decide who else in the culture deserves to be on this list.

“This show is amazing because no one ever asked me who I think had the five or three best voice types.” Kiss says on new Uproxx show fresh pair, hosted by producer Just Blaze and sneaker innovator Katty Customs.

The 47-year-old MC went on to name his top five vocals, starting with late rapper Gang Starr and “Right Where You Stand” collaborator Guru.

“Guru, rest in peace. He had a bad voice,” said the artist, which Customs emphatically approved before moving on to discussing a favorite Wu-Tang member.

“Meth. When the Wu arrived, Meth’s voice was deep and raspy and he just has a bad voice.

For his next pick, Brooklyn legend Biggie, he said “Big with the nasal. It looks like he’s having trouble breathing, but that makes his cadence even crazier.

Kiss continued with praise for Tone Loc, insisting that “nobody ever thought of it. I thought Tone Loc’s voice was sick.

Just Blaze almost looked surprised at this answer, but agreed saying “That’s a good answer, man!”

And finally, Nas, saying of the Queens rep, “He got the nose, he got the-you know what I mean?”

As they finished the discussion, Jadakiss apparently remembered the internet’s propensity for getting offended and debating other people’s opinions.

The “Money, Power, Respect” rapper gave himself a bail, adding, “It’s vocals, so don’t get mad at me!” I said voices, guys. Just voices! while customs laughed.

Check out the segment above.


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