Jennifer Garner wore Veja sneakers for a ballet session with her cat


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If Jennifer Garner’s Instagram Is Your Happy Place On The Internet, You Definitely Love It recent video in which she shows off her ballet moves throughout her house with her cat Moose. While they might not be the best option for ballet, her sneakers in the clip are an ideal choice for long walks or brunch with your friends.

When you read Veja’s sneaker stats, you’ll see why the brand is loved by other stylish celebrities, including Meghan Markle, Emily Ratajkowski, Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Chloe Grace Moretz and Emma Watson, who have worn them in recent years. Made from recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, suede (or in some cases, vegan suede), plus other materials from natural sources such as sugar cane and rice waste, the brand’s water-repellent kicks are as cute as they are comfortable. (Related: These are the incredibly comfortable sneakers Meghan Markle was seen wearing)

They are also endorsed by podiatrists. “What I like the most about these shoes is that they are very lightweight while still providing a surprising amount of cushion,” says a board-certified podiatrist and podiatric surgeon from New Jersey. Dana Canuso, DPM. “This specific model has a flexible sole that allows for comfortable walking on most terrains in and out of town and can accommodate insoles if you prefer to add them to your trainers.” (Related: The 10 Best Sneakers For Standing All Day, According To Podiatrists)

If you are unable to hang the Veja Sdus due to limited stock online, do not worry. The brand has several similar styles for sale on Amazon which are no less stylish than Garner’s blue-hued pair. If you’re looking for something you can wear while jogging, consider the Veja Condor 2 (Buy it, $160,, which are built for running and promise lightweight, breathable support that will keep you hitting them again and again. In a pinch, they’ll probably also work for domestic ballet with your pet.


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