Keldon Johnson wears Qiaodan basketball shoes


If we polled sports fans, most wouldn’t know much about San Antonio Spurs small forward Keldon Johnson. Few would realize that he was part of the 2020 Team USA Olympic men’s basketball team. Fall in love with playing for a small NBA team.

Last night Johnson scored 25 points in a losing effort against the Denver Nuggets. However, we are not focusing on Johnson’s consistent output, but rather what he wears on the hardwood.

Johnson wore yellow, orange and pink sneakers with a logo we don’t recognize. So that begs the question, what are they? We ask this question with fervor, not in a trolling or condescending way.


View of Keldon Johnson’s Qiaodan basketball shoes.

Johnson wears basketball shoes from a Chinese sportswear company called Qiaodan. Never heard of it? Same. A quick Google search immediately yields stories about an eight-year legal battle between Qiaodan and Jordan Brand.

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Michael Jordan filed a lawsuit against Qiaodan in 2012 for misrepresenting his name and trademark. Qiaodan is the transliteration of Jordan in Chinese. After almost a decade, Jordan won the lawsuit in 2021 and was awarded $46,000 for emotional damages.

We want to hear your opinion on Johnson’s Qiaodan basketball shoes. Let us know on Twitter if you’d like to rock Qiaodan shoes or wear them casually. Stay locked in for news, highlights and analysis.

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