Kid X secures partnership with local sneaker brand


Kid X secures a partnership with a local sneaker brand. Outside of music, Kid X was one of the few South African rappers who made big money moves while keeping a low profile.

Kid X secures partnership with local sneaker brand

The rapper took a significant break from music as he helped out with the day-to-day running of former label ‘Rap Lyf’. Taking to Instagram, Kid X announced their partnership with a local sneaker brand in PTA Wear.

“I’m proud to announce an exciting co-lab with @pt_wearbrand. Introducing the KiD X™️ Booster Edition Ltd sneakers – quality, comfort and style meet hip hop in one awesome pair,” he wrote. The rapper had good things to come after becoming a father.

The rapper took the time to honor that moment with a brand new album that marked his return to music. ‘Father Of Zen’ is a 13-track album featuring South African musicians ranging from ‘Moozlie’ to ‘Boskasie’.

The rapper revealed in an interview with Pan African Music that his trip to Egypt refreshed his spirit. Kid X pointed out that the new energy and mindset made him come up with new ideas and it spawned the making of the Father Of Zen album.

A lot has happened in those two years! But I think one of the most notable turning points was when I took a trip to Egypt. This trip has just changed a lot. It broadened my perspective, it changed my world,” he said.

He added; “I felt like I had tapped into a deeper level of myself and needed to release new music to express that new energy.”


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