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Live broadcast of the Preston and Steve show
Summary of Thursday, October 27, 2022:

00:00:00]Entertainment report: Matthew Perry claims in his memoir that his crush on Valerie Bertinelli became so intense that he ended up kissing one night after her then-husband Eddie Van Halen allegedly passed out.. Michael J. Fox has opened up about his struggles over the past year, during which he suffered multiple painful injuries. Danica Patrick is the latest celebrity to talk about having her breast implants removed after suffering medical issues. Before “The Christmas Story” gets its Christmas Day moment, two more films get 24-hour marathons on TNT and TBS. “Elf” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” will each have 24-hour broadcasts in November on TNT and TBS.

[00:37:27] Missed Phillies Celebration Connection, interview with Jim and Erin. A Phillies Facebook group is helping reunite a missed connection from Broad Street during the Phillies celebration. Both Erin and Jim recount their experiences of that night and how the encounter happened. They met by chance after Jim lost his friends, and Erin offered to put him on her shoulders. Then Jim and Erin spoke on the phone together for the very first time. Jim recalled that Erin had a very nice smile. Casey says she wants to make sure Jim is the right person for Erin and asks if he has a good job. Erin reached out to the Facebook message that Jim’s friend posted. Erin posted the photo that was taken that night and he didn’t even know a photo was taken. Erin tells Jim that she’s so glad he found his friends and saw her message. Jim says thank you for helping him find his friends and he apologizes for putting his love life on the internet and hopes his shoulders are okay. The gang talk about their personal relationships after the call.

[01:18:12] Weird files: Grandma was swallowed whole by a 22 foot python. Joe revealed that he had previously been refused a job because of the size of his penis. A man who didn’t wash for half a century dies at 94. An Iowa woman claims her late father was a serial killer who murdered around 70 women.

[01:44:35, **Amber Alert**, 1:46:55] Interview with Ricky Bottalico: The World Series starts tomorrow. Amber Alert interrupts the show. Ricky hasn’t slept much from all that’s going on and he said it was very unexpected. In September, it didn’t look like the Phillies were going to make the playoffs. Ricky doesn’t believe Bryce is doing it for the money. Ricky said if he got it wrong during baseball, every time he got it wrong he felt bad for the other guys, not himself. Ricky talks about injuries and liability. Ricky said everyone is on the train now because they’re doing so well and fans don’t believe they’ll be making a comeback. Ricky said the best thing for tomorrow’s game is to get ahead and score early.

[02:26:15, **Amber Alert**, 2:31:59] Interview with Jerry O’Connell and the notary: Pictionary Weekdays at 1 p.m. on Fox 29. Jerry started the interview by talking about Philadelphia sports and he says he guesses he’s a fan of the bandwagon. Jerry brings up the fact that many children nowadays have telephones and many children cannot draw because they do not use paper or pencil. The gang talks about how the middle seats suck. The airlines launched a lottery with a prize pool of around $145,000 to entice more passengers to sit in the middle seat. Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas will earn the title of world’s largest cruise ship when it debuts from Miami in 2024. Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas will earn the title of world’s largest cruise ship when it debuts from Miami in 2024. Tweeter struggles to keep its most active users. The gang talks about how much they use Twitter and Casey said he reposts stuff on social media rather than printing it.

[03:21:49] Weird files: A metal detective has returned a long-lost wedding ring to its owner who told him she had abandoned it after a nasty divorce and wanted it thrown back into the sea. A 20-year-old New Jersey man died Monday after being dragged by a subway train in New York.. A man is said to have failed in a bank robbery because of a handwritten note so sloppy the cashier couldn’t read it. Horse Kicks, a retailer of horse sneakers, reuses branded footwear. You can order a pair of horse-friendly shoes from and a single shoe starts at $1,200. An adult coyote was rescued Wednesday night after being hit by a car and spent the night trapped under the vehicle’s grille.

[03:40:34] Hollywood Trash & Music News: James Corden has offered free food, if he “apologizes” to the Balthazar staff in person for 10 years, which is expected to last a week. Chess grandmaster Hans Niemann is suing Magnus Carlsen for $100 million for cheating. Niemann said Carlsen used a recital device to win, but Carlsen said he just liked to play with his thumb up his ass. The Adjacent Music Festival – Memorial Day weekend. The presale is already sold out. Motley Crue Mick Mars has retired from touring but will continue with the band. AC/DC Brian Johnson maintains that none of the lyrics on the band’s 1980 album Back In Black were written by its predecessor, late co-founder Bon Scott. Brian Johnson says it was him on the phone, writing every night and every morning with just the title to work with.

[04:08:19] Wrap: thank you our guest Ricky Bottalico, Jerry O’Connell and Jim and Erin Phillies missed the connection for coming on the show today Pierre joins the show and explains what’s going on on his show. Preston thanks our sponsors. Pay on!


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