Man tattoos sneakers on his feet to save money on new sneakers


A tattoo artist has come up with an ingenious solution to save punters money on expensive sneakers – by getting them permanently tattooed. Dean Gunther, 34, from Bellville, South Africa, moved to the UK five years ago and opened his own studio called DG Tattoo art.

He started inking people at just 21 and has always looked for ways to help his clients and the local community. The artist recently went viral after saving a client a fortune on a gym membership by gifting her a permanent six-pack tattoo, and it looks like he’s not stopping there – with his latest even weirder design.

Sharing his creation on TikTok and Instagram, where a video showing off the art has racked up over two million views and counting, Dean reveals how he tattooed a pair of shoes on a client’s feet. “I wanted to create the illusion that the person is wearing shoes, even if they’re barefoot,” Dean said.

“It will definitely make you look twice.”

Dean found the sneaker his client liked the most, viewed the image in 360 degrees, then drew it on his foot, freehand. The piece took Dean about two hours to draw and another eight hours to tattoo both feet.

Dean Gunther at work (Jam Press)

One social media user commented on the bizarre idea of ​​a permanent shoe, saying, “They’ll last you forever.” “Save a fortune on sneakers,” another person added.

“Crazy how the pumps love it,” someone else commented. Another couldn’t believe the brilliant idea of ​​saying “F*** me that’s smart.”

Dean Gunther (Jam Press)

“Wow brave man with two feet,” wrote another user, clearly stunned by the client’s ability to withstand the pain of tattooing that body part. Dean said: “Drawing the tattoo on my free hand was the hardest part.

“I had to make sure everything flowed with the contours of the body. A stencil wouldn’t work in that case, so it’s all freehand.

Dean Gunther shows off the coaches tattoo he created (Jam Press)

“Once it was done, the tattoo was simple. He’s tired of paying for shoes, so he decided to get his favorite pair of Nikes tattooed and he can see the fun side of that!

“Definitely a great conversation starter. His wife loves it too.”

Dean Gunther shows off the coaches tattoo he created (Jam Press)
Dean Gunther shows off the coaches tattoo he created (Jam Press)

Dean also gave a hint about his next tattoo.

He says it will be one of the most emotional plays he has attempted, hoping to raise awareness for cancer.


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