Miley Cyrus Reveals Dolly Parton’s Unexpected Communication Style


Miley Cyrus clearly has the best godmother in the world: Dolly Parton. The “Midnight Sky” singer has even teamed up with the country music icon on a few projects, including a Super Bowl commercial — and Cyrus couldn’t help but call it an irony while she was talking with Seth Meyers on his talk show. When he appeared on Late Night with Seth MeyersCyrus reflected on the T-Mobile ad she and Parton appeared in, which aired during Super Bowl LVI. The cell phone ad was ironic because, according to Cyrus, Parton seems to prefer an unexpected form of communication:

“…It was amazing because, you know, she was doing it for the phones, but every time I coordinate and communicate with Dolly, it’s always by fax. So I don’t know what she’s talking about. She is rarely on the phone. … We use the phone, but she does a fax, then someone scans the fax, then they put it in a text message, then it gets sent to me. Yeah. And it’s always signed. So now I’ve kind of started my own version where I go into notes, and I’ve started trying to do my own letters, because there’s something so amazing about a connection. It’s not casual, you know? You know, she took the time to get out, I guess her typewriter? She once also gave me a demo where she talked about being super high tech, but it was all through a tape, which she then played on a flip phone, which someone then put on the iPhone, which was then sent to me.”

“She has a phone. She just doesn’t use it, I don’t think,” Cyrus continued. “I think someone is using it for her and doing the fax over the phone.”

Meyers couldn’t help but clarify that, despite her show’s jokes, “nothing would make me happier” than getting a knock on her door from someone saying “Fax from Dolly Parton.” . Parton’s goddaughter joked that the message might instead be from “a pink pigeon or something. A flamingo probably delivers it. …with long acrylic nails, big tits and a blonde wig. The Dolly Pigeon.

Cyrus also talked about a previous appearance on Saturday Night Live, covering one of Parton’s songs. She said Parton “loves it, and she loves it when I present music to my fans in a way that’s still me, rather than – Dolly doesn’t want anyone to copy/paste. She doesn’t want anyone to one sings her songs. She wants them to soak up her music…” Cyrus said Parton’s authenticity is what makes her legendary godmother so beloved, and said:

“I did a survey. I think Dolly is the most beloved person on the planet, right? And again, it’s just that she’s always been caring, kind, and herself. And again, she didn’t look like the standard country music artist who was polite and wore long dresses. She had big hair and big boobs and she left this big mark on the whole world that we all try to fill her crystal clear shoes, which will never happen.

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