Need new kicks? Check out these 5 sneaker brands of Indian origin


India has seen a streetwear revolution in recent years, with several brands selling top international brands and collaborations on their websites. So if you’re a sneaker lover and looking for something new to add to your collection, these shoes of Indian origin sneaker brands are a great option.

5 Sneaker Brands Of Indian Origin To Add To Your Collection

by Neeman

If you’re looking to add a more eco-friendly option to your collection, Neeman’s is a great brand to check out. Their trainers (and entire range of shoes) are made with sustainably sourced materials as well as a range that uses recycled PET bottles. This sneaker brand makes products that are comfortable, stylish, and relatively affordable, making them a great option, especially for the eco-conscious!

Founded by Taran Chhabra and Amar Preet Singh, the brand regularly produces numerous collections and releases. However, it was their Relive You sneakers, made from PET bottles, that got us excited!

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Image: Courtesy of 7-10

Sneakers have gone from stylish footsteps to one of the coolest fashion choices in the world, and several major shoe brands have launched their line, along with celebrity collaborations and more. 7-10 is an Indian-born sneaker brand trying to put India on the global map, by making high-quality sneakers that are comfortable and super stylish to flaunt on a day out.

Founded by Shibani Bhagat, the brand’s Chunky sneakers intrigue us!

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indian origin sneaker brands
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Sko is a shoe brand of Indian origin that offers a range of cool and comfortable sneakers. These sneakers are super comfortable for everyday wear and stylish enough for special occasions and will be a great addition to your sneaker cupboard!

Founded by Nishant Kanodia, the brand offers different types of footwear including morjis and heels, but it was their line of minimalist trainers that caught our eye.

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Doc Sneakers

Doc Sneakers is a sneaker brand of Indian origin that is currently among the top brands in India. The company manufactures its sneakers in India and works with enthusiastic shoe designers at affordable prices. They do not promote cruelty to animals and use environmentally friendly raw materials in their shoes.

Founded by Dheeraj Gupta, the brand’s Apollo LT and Marvel LT are two sneakers that interest us!

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The fitness brand is becoming one of the biggest names in the fitness industry. Their range of apparel and accessories includes sneakers, which are ideal for your workouts or a fun day out, ensuring you stay comfortable and stylish throughout.

Co-owned by Bollywood celebrity (and fitness icon) Hrithik Roshan, the brand’s limited range of trainers are practical, fun and wearable, which we love!

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Hero Image: Courtesy of Taylor Smith/Unsplash; Featured image: Courtesy of Lefteris kallergis/Unsplash


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