New brand of sneakers, Fish and Kicks, first Great White pack




screenwriter: Rob Crump

The new sneaker brand, Fish and Kicks, launched online just in time for the holidays. A sneaker brand of “Tokyami,” the brand earlier targeted consumers in Tokyo, Japan. Brand founder James “Fish” Fisher recently started working with various blogs and decided to launch “” this quarter.

“Fish and Kicks are a whimsical streetwear brand. They give a lot of creativity with a trendy style. Anyone who wears them is sure to grab attention and stand out,” said Rodrick Rainey, founder of fashion blogs leading.

The first pair of shoes launched by footwear brand Fish and Kicks is the “Great White” High Tops. Inspired by the great white shark, the shoes have eye and tooth patterns on the side panels. The upper part of the ankle of the shoe body features plush leather panels for added comfort.

Each pair of limited edition Great White sneakers comes in packaging. These packs include a Fish and Kicks “Tokyami” t-shirt, designer bandana, string backpack and sneakers. This is a complete outfit, excluding jeans.

Only 1,000 “Great White” packages will be created by the new brand of sneakers. Win a pair for free via CKHiD. Fish and Kicks works in collaboration with,, and rapper C.KHiD to offer 3 pairs of sneakers. Follow C.KHiD on
Tumblr and
Facebook for the chance to win.

New sneaker brand, Fish and Kicks, launches stunning photos of white packaging

Official Fish and Kicks “Super Fun Dance Time” TV commercial. The visual is inspired by Anime / Japanime.

Photos of Wiz Khalifa 2011

Above, one of the many photos of Wiz Khalifa 2011 available on CKHiD.

Large white basketball sole

Above is a photo of the bottom of the new sneakers from Fish and Kicks.

New sneakers, large white

Above, the new sneakers from Fish and Kicks, the Great Whites.

Large White Bandana

Above is the large white bandana. This is included in all 1000 packages.



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