Old school sneakers that have made a comeback


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As many big players enter the sneaker design scene, we see the hobby of sneaker collecting explode into a multi-billion dollar industry. Which brands are behind this craze?

It’s easy to assume that new brands, new designers, or new lines are at the forefront of sneaker sales. What you might not expect is that old school sneaker recreations are the real driving force behind the sneaker collecting game.

No, not every sneaker from your youth hit the shelves for a second (or third or fourth) run. So which ones are making a comeback?

Read on as we talk about some of the most exciting and sought after old school sneakers you can buy today.

What’s up with the love for classic sneakers?

Let’s talk about this trend first. Why is everyone striving to recreate classic sneaker lines from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s? What’s so appealing about the vintage look when newer sneakers tend to have better construction and, certainly, more modern styling?

The truth is, most industries are driven by nostalgia. We now want the things we wanted when we were kids. Ask any sneakerhead about that first pair of sneakers they loved and they’ll have a story they’ll happily tell you.

Think about it: what sneakers did you love that your parents wouldn’t buy you? If you could buy a pair of these sneakers today, would you? For most collectors, the answer is a resounding yes.

A brief overview of the history of sneakers

The history of sneakers also paves the way for us to understand the craze for classic sneakers. In fact, all of this sneaker fascination can be, in many ways, tied to one shoe: the Air Jordan 1.

Of course, other brands struck gold before the Air Jordan line was discontinued. Chuck Taylor, for example, was once the NBA shoe brand. However, Air Jordans have proven to have a lasting power and dynamism that shoes of the past simply did not match.

More importantly, Air Jordans have reignited the desire to wear the same sneakers as the basketball player you are. knew. In 1984, kids still wore Chuck Taylors, but they didn’t necessarily idolize the player behind the shoes. Michael Jordan was there and he was loved and Air Jordans became a status symbol like no other, opening the door to collecting more awesome kicks.

Old School sneakers to add to your sneaker collection

Before we take a look at some specific examples, let’s talk about where to get these retro sneakers. As we mentioned before, brands are re-releasing classic lines, which means we’re not suggesting you head to eBay to buy someone’s 25-year-old shoes. Instead, you can buy sneakers online, getting both new lines and classic reissues at a reasonable price (and without the used funk).

air jordans

No surprise here, right? The shoe that started it all (and the lines that followed) are easily the old-school sneakers to make the biggest comeback. If you don’t have at least one pair of Air Jordans in your sneaker collection, you can’t say the collection is complete.

Adidas Forum 84 High

Another sneaker that hit basketball the same year as the first Air Jordans was the Adidas Forum 84 hi-top shoe. Adidas recently re-released this iconic line, complete with the vintage crossover strap. These sneakers look great with everything from basketball shorts to jeans to joggers and instantly reveal that you know how to bring old school good looks in the modern age.

Nike Air Max 90

It’s hard to put together a list of old school sneakers that have made a comeback without mentioning Nike more than once. The Nike Air Max 90 line is another one to hit the shelves in 2020. If you’re looking for the most eye-catching design, we suggest you go for the Safari co


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