Reebok and Netflix help you prepare to celebrate La Resistencia with the La Casa de Papel collection

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Reebok and Netflix help you prepare to celebrate La Resistencia with the La Casa de Papel collection

Posted May 4, 2022

New Delhi : Today, Reebok officially unveils its capsule collection with Netflix’s flagship series La Casa de Papel, also known as Money Heist. The sportswear brand and the beloved series have teamed up to create a footwear collection to equip fans with the essential gear needed to complete their mission after the series ends in December 2021.

The collection includes four of Reebok’s most iconic silhouettes: Classic Leather, Freestyle Hi, Zig Kinetica II and Club C. Each pair of shoes is named after each member of the heist squad allowing the wearer to stand alongside the characters. To bring home the mission of the fifth and final season of the series, which was to “Get the Gold”, some of the shoes incorporate a window box that reveals the highly sought after gold the crew is looking for.

Additional details about the shoes featured in the collection include:

Classic Leather (INR 7,999/-): Inspired by the masks each member of the heist team wears to protect their identity, this take on classic leather features a 3D molded side stripe with texture that mimics the masks mustache. The whole upper uses materials to mimic the texture and color of the formidable mask.

Freestyle Hi (INR 7,999/-): Reebok’s first training shoe designed exclusively for women, the Freestyle Hi, gets a facelift with the energetic Tokyo. The sneaker is covered in hints of its strong character, including Tokyo’s signature Ankh collar and ballistic nylon material on the collar paying homage to the vest Tokyo wears throughout season five. In addition to the rubbed window, the side stripe also has a rubbing effect revealing gold underneath.

Zig Kinetica II (INR 10,999/-): This iteration of the Zig Kinetica II takes the heist team’s red jumpsuits and reworks them into stylish shoes. The silhouette incorporates details from the iconic outfits with a textile upper, premium stitching and even a zipper detail to mimic the zipper on the suit.

Club C (INR 7,999/-): Rounding out the shoe is a shoe that pays homage to the leader of the pack, the Professor. The tongue features all the signature details of the Professor’s memorable look, including a metallic lace dubrae in the shape of glasses, a tie, and a wire detail inspired by the earpiece he’s wearing. Detailing extends to the back and inside of the shoe with the inside of the heel tab featuring the name of the gang’s favorite anthem and the shoe lining covered with the teacher’s blueprints.

Each piece of footwear in this collection is packaged in specialized packaging inspired by the Royal Mint of Spain – the location of the crew’s first heist and the first graphic viewers see during the show’s introduction. Inside the shoebox, the sneakers are wrapped in red tissue paper symbolizing the origami that the heist’s mastermind, the Professor, creates when formulating the plan.

The brand new Reebok x La Casa de Papel collection is available now from INR 7,999/- at, select retailers, VegNonVeg, Superkicks and Myntra.


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