Termanology Raps on the Good Dad Gang X Ewing Sneaker Collab


“All it took was one in-person meeting and they got to see the vision. The rest is history.

We have covered standout mass rapper Termanology and his Good Dad Gang lifestyle for years, and have seen it grow to include everything from hats to philanthropic endeavors.

So naturally, we had questions about their new Father’s Day collab with Ewing Athletics, who teamed up with Good Dad Gang to create a “limited-edition colorway with premium accents such as a croc, chrome accents, speckled ice sole and branded co-packaging.

Designed by Termanology & DJ Trase, that Ewing thief “Features a forefoot cross-strap support system coupled with midfoot neoprene inserts along with an EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning.”

We asked Term how it went.

We’ve talked about Good Dad Gang many times, but it just keeps growing. What were the developments in addition to the sneaker?

Well, I started the Good Dad Gang movement in 2014. So we went from a social media hashtag to an independent clothing company, to now doing major collaborations with bigger brands around the world. We also like to give back to the community and hold several events each year, such as our backpack giveaways and toy drives.

How close or far are you to your original plan for Good Dad Gang today? Was it always management?

To be honest, I never had a plan for the brand originally. It all started organically and when the movement started to gain traction beyond my control, I knew I had to take it more seriously and make it a real business. But about four years ago I set some goals for the brand and most of those goals have been achieved, such as major collaborations with Gangstarr (DJ Premier), Diamond Supply Co, 8 & 9, sneaker collaboration with Ewing Athletics, several of the billboards in Times Square for Father’s Day and commercial DJ Premier helped us set up with LL Cool J, 2 Chainz, Fat Joe, Ice T, Logic, The Lox, and Moreover. This was all just a dream at one time and it took a lot of hard work and dedication to bring them to fruition.

At this point, do you consider it a clothing company? Something more? What do people who wear and buy it think of Good Dad Gang? What did they tell you?

I would say the Good Dad Gang is considered a global movement. Certainly much more than just a clothing line. The way we conduct our business and generate revenue is primarily through the clothing line, but the reaction to the actual meaning of the name is our strength. The #GoodDadGang hashtag has 2.8 million users on TikTok and over 60,000 on Instagram, many people using our hashtag don’t even know we’re a clothing company. There are over 96 people who have the Good Dad Gang tattoo that we know of. Every time someone gets a tattoo and we catch them on social media, we give them a number and post it on Instagram and Facebook. They love recognition and we love seeing people representing our brand. The number of people we help each year with backpack giveaways is amazing. Last year we were able to distribute 800 backpacks in one day.

I know there have been plenty of celebrities who have worn your clothes, but who were the ones that really stood out to you?

One of the most special celebrities to co-sign the brand is Jamie Foxx. Jamie contacted me a few years ago because he was in love with the brand and wore one of our hats on the set of his new show every day. He told me he “always got compliments on the hat” and “he wore it so much people thought it was his trademark.” He then shot several Good Dad Gang brand videos and photos that ended up on social media. We are forever grateful to him for introducing our brand to his followers.

So, without further ado, tell us about the sneakers. How did all this happen?

About four years ago I asked a friend of mine DJ Trase (who is an Ewing brand ambassador) if he could put me in touch with the owners of Ewing because I had a great idea to do a Good Dad Gang sneaker collaboration with Ewing. What initially caught my attention was that they had recently done a bunch of collaborations with rappers like EPMD, Capone-N-Noreaga, AZ and others. I sent out a few emails with my original pitch, but nothing really seemed to stick. As the Good Dad Gang brand started to grow and we proved we could sell some units with our other collaborations, I felt it was time to fire again. So about two years ago DJ Trase invited me to meet the owner face to face. All it took was one in-person meeting and they could see the vision. The rest is history.

How much of a sneaker head are you? What are your favourites?

I’m a huge sneakerhead. I’ve always had a love for sneakers. My mom always tells this story where I get a lot of money for my fifth birthday and she took me to the mall to spend it. She expected me to go straight to the toy store and I walked into the Foot Locker and spent all my money on sneakers. The thing about collecting sneakers is that it can be a very addictive and expensive habit. I’d say I’ve owned over 1,000 pairs in my lifetime. I probably have about 150 pairs in my house right now. My all-time favorites are Nike’s all-white Air Force 1s, Jordan 3s, Jordan 4s, Jordan 8s, and Jordan 11s.

What part did you play in creating the Good Dad Gang Kicks?

Ewing gave me about 12 different sneaker styles to choose from. I chose the model that I liked the most, which was the Red. Then I insisted on the shoe being all black because I wanted people to be able to wear them all the time and black sneakers tend to go with everything and last longer than any white ones. Then once I locked in those basic designs, my boy DJ Trase took it from there. He was the one who decided to make it a black lux leather, with crocodile skin, he added the glossy transparent bottom, and the logo on the laces which was all about him. Owner Dave also added a few things and once we were all happy with the design we put it into motion.

And finally, where can you get a pair?

The sneaker is available now exclusively at EwingAthletics.com. We also have a tab on GoodDadGang.com it would also bring you to the sneaker.


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