The 10 best holiday gifts for sneakerheads who aren’t actually sneakers



If there is a sneakerhead in your life, don’t be discouraged by trying to find them the perfect holiday gift. Sure, the sneakers they want are probably nearly impossible to buy in the retail store and then prohibitively priced in the resale market – but there are plenty of other sneaker-related gifts that don’t require that you understood exactly how a “drop” works. .

From cleaning to storage, there are a variety of accessories that are almost essential for sneakerheads. There is also a rich history that is central to the allure of the most popular sneakers that can be accessed through books, and the most dedicated enthusiasts will also be able to decorate their homes with decoration that celebrates the culture.

As the holiday season approaches, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of the 10 best freebies you can buy for any budget. With no sold-out sales, you’re on the fast track to a giveaway that’s guaranteed to land.

An absolute must for any sneaker lover who wears their shoes instead of storing them, the Jason Markk Field Kit contains all the essentials for cleaning sneakers. A sneaker-specific microfiber solution, brush and towel provide deep cleaning at home, while Quick Whipes are a quick fix for anywhere.

While Nike initially released the Dunk in 1985, it was Nike SB’s adoption of the sneaker that made it an icon. Sneaker collaborations as we know them began with Nike’s skateboarding line, and several iterations of the SB Dunk released over the years have grown into some of the most valuable shoes in existence. Think of this book as a history lesson.

For a broader glimpse into the sneaker culture arc, Penguin Random House turned to the American Federation of the Arts and the Bata Shoe Museum. Photos of rare sneakers are combined with in-depth interviews and essays from designers, collectors and other experts for the best crash course a sneaker enthusiast can get.

If the sneaker lover in your life is up for a ritual that doesn’t involve a raffle, gift them the perfect planter to keep them some life. Greenery isn’t included, and while they can’t keep a plant alive, this piece will also make a great bookend, ashtray, or decoration on its own.

A pile of boxes can be unsightly, and leaving sneakers in their raw state only asks for dust to collect. The Container Store’s stackable storage solution doubles as a showcase, allowing a sneakerhead to display their treasures while keeping them safe.

Two dedicated pockets to hold the books of this murdered duffel bag allow anyone to bring a little spin of sneakers wherever they go without risking damage to their kicks. Anyone who has stored sneakers in a regular bag or suitcase knows the pain of the creases that result.

Inordinate importance is given to the Air Jordan 3, the first pair of J’s designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield and the sneaker that convinced Michael himself to stick with Nike. The sneaker is crucial to Jordan Brand’s tradition, and this print is the perfect addition to any sneakerhead interior.

Unexpected bad weather can be fatal for sneakers, especially suede ones. But that won’t be a problem with this easily stowed away shoe cover for protection, which just happens to be a little warm in electric green.

Handcrafted in Chicago, this incense holder is just one of many designs molded from iconic sneaker soles by artist Rob Valentino. We much prefer it to the ubiquitous sneaker-shaped candle, and four sandalwood sticks are included to kickstart the good vibes.

Anybody Needs to display a single levitating sneaker, but don’t let that detract from the fun of this magical device. Our own style editor has become obsessed with seeing his kicks in perpetual rotation and floating – and you can rest assured that this isn’t a gift your recipient already has.



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