The 12 best men’s high top sneakers to buy



Whether you are looking to add a new sneaker to your streetwear or plan to shoot baskets, a high top sneaker is a perfect choice as it offers an excellent level of style and functionality. The high tops are effortlessly cool, but don’t be fooled by their sporty aesthetic, as these shoes have even crept into the upper echelons of the fashion world, with many high-end designers putting their own twist on the sneaker. basic.

These cool sneakers are also a subtle nod to the golden age of basketball, as high tops made their way into the mainstream with Nike’s legendary Air Jordan campaign launched in the late years. 1980. Soon everyone started rocking these voluminous high tops, as they offered so much more than ankle protection, bridging the gap between the worlds of fashion and sport.

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If you’re looking to add a little finesse to your sneaker collection, we’ve unveiled some of the best tops available right now, guaranteed to rock your shoe game. From classic canvas patterns to fierce graphics, these high tops are sure to add some spring to your walk.

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