The Cariuma OCA Low sneakers have 2 new must-have colors

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TRUE SPEECH: There’s a reason these sneakers rack up thousands of fans. Cariuma sneakers are equal parts fashion, function and earth-conscious – and rightfully comfortable! Celebrities from Pete Davidson to Helen Mirren are rocking these easy, eco-friendly kicks, and the current waitlist for best-selling OCA Low is over 61,000. Plus, nearly every W+G editor has landed a pair and loves them, so we really know wholeheartedly what we’re talking about – and they’re definitely worth a shot.

It’s both retro-inspired and classic in style, and the bold colors make it modern and edgy enough for any occasion. Plus, all of their styles require no break-in time. And now, Cariuma is releasing two vibrant new colors from the Pantone x Cariuma collaboration. At under $100 a pair, don’t sleep on this one. They’re on pre-order now and will ship in August, but they’re definitely worth the wait, trust us. We also suggest that you sign up for the waiting list now, before it gets even longer (as it has in the past).

The two colors that have just been released – a bright green (“Greenbriar”) and a bright yellow (“Cornsilk”) – are an ode to summer and self-expression, and will no doubt add a little pep extra in your approach. Lively, bright and cheerful, Cornsilk is an open invitation to dive into the season. Think barbecues, skating on the beach, pedaling your cruiser bike with friends on hot summer nights. You name it.

Cariuma’s founders called Greenbriar’s tone “a tribute to the flora and fauna that inspire our mission.” These eco-friendly shoes aren’t just designed with Mother Earth in mind. When you buy a pair of sneakers, the Cariuma team plants two trees in the founder’s home country, in the Brazilian rainforest. The majority of trees planted are located in the Atlantic Forest biome, which is home to one of the most relevant biomes to restore and where only 11% of the original tree cover is still standing.

Add to that 100% vegan soles, organic cotton canvas, and laces made from recycled plastics and organic cotton, Cariuma practices what they preach.

Can’t wait for August? Check out Cariuma’s collaboration with GRLSWIRL, the skate collective founded by women and designed to empower female skaters right now, on sale now and shipping by June. A retro-inspired collaboration, the new line is a throwback to 60s and 70s Southern California styles featuring warm hues and classic racing stripes with a touch of childlike flower thrown into the mix.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.


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