These recycled sneakers are made from paper cranes donated to Hiroshima


If you’re looking for super cool sneakers, Japan is your place. While you can often find limited edition kicks like Nike and Adidas, there are also special releases from local sneaker brands that you should put on your list. Hiroshima-based shoe company Pin is one to know, and they just released a special collaboration sneaker with Waya producer of eco-friendly materials, whose Ongaeshi project aims to give back to nature.

Photo: Spindle

The new Spingle Move SPM-1005 sneaker is made from canvas fabric made from recycled origami paper cranes collected in Hiroshima. Each year, about 10 million cranes from around the world are donated to Hiroshima as a wish for peace. Thanks to Camino’s Ongaeshi project, these cranes are given new life as they are turned into recycled yarn used in a variety of products.

Spingle sneakers
Photo: Spindle

It took about a year to Shinohara textiles to create this unique canvas from recycled yarn. The shoe’s insoles pay homage to cranes with a colorful folded paper crane design.

Spingle Sneakers
Photo: Spindle

Custom laces are another highlight, made with natural cotton and hemp. The inside of the shoes also has a Cool Maxim lining with antibacterial and deodorant properties.

Spingle sneakers
Photo: Spindle

The sneakers sell for ¥18,700 and are now available for purchase through Spingle’s Online Store for delivery to Japan only. There are only 500 pairs on offer, so you’ll have to be quick.

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