Where to buy Why so sad? x Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers? Everything we know so far


Nike’s sub-label, Nike SB, collaborates with John Rattray’s mental health fundraising initiative label, Why So Sad?, for a redesign of the SB Dunk Low silhouette. Scottish professional skater John Rattray is raising awareness of mental health issues through his initiative, Why So Sad? since 2017.

The duo’s upcoming collaboration sheds more light on the label’s cause and the importance of mental health. This season, the swoosh label and its skateboarding sub-brand chose to show their support for Rattray by collaborating with him on a sneaker collection. The kicks will be broadcast on the official SNKRS e-commerce site. The labels involved have yet to announce any official release information.

Learn more about the upcoming Why So Sad? x Nike SB Dunk Low Trainers for Mental Health Awareness

Coming soon Why so sad?  x Nike SB Dunk Low trainers for mental health awareness (Image via Sportskeeda)
Coming soon Why so sad? x Nike SB Dunk Low trainers for mental health awareness (Image via Sportskeeda)

Scottish pro skateboarder John Rattray dedicated his time to building the ‘Why So Sad?’ initiative to raise awareness and keep conversations around mental health. The professional skater launched the initiative after losing his friend Ben Raemers and his sister Katrina Rattray to suicide.

Now, helping Rattray get the word out to more people and take its mission to the next level, the swoosh label is spreading word of mouth via a collaboration.

The upper base of the sneakers is crafted from smooth leather materials, while the base is accented with suede overlays. The stems are dressed in two-tone shades, predominantly blue.

Various shades of blue adorn the top panels, with the base accenting light sky blue shades and the overlays clad in navy shades. A mix of colors is given with the addition of orange accent hits on the heels and tongues of the sneakers.

2022 Why so sad? x Nike SB Dunk Low Pro official images! 🦅🛹 https://t.co/9TXeQsM1yv

The iconic swoosh logos, which initially look ordinary from the outside, aren’t so ordinary as they gradually change color through wear. Originally dressed in a Dark Navy hue, the sneaker wear will reveal a layered yellow color underneath the sneaker wear. This yellow color change is possibly a representation of a person and how they often hide their depression and deteriorating mental health.

The most important detail on the kick design elements is the feature of The Predatory Bird. Often seen on Rattray’s assemblage of online writings, The Predatory Bird is one of the pro skateboarder’s iconic icons that has repeatedly appeared on his brand’s merchandise releases.

The fundraising mission produced many items, which often depict the bird performing various activities. In this iteration of the Dunk Low, the silhouette of the fowl is seen riding a bicycle. The cycling bird logo is featured on the lateral heel area of ​​the sneakers, while on the right shoe, the insoles show the bird on a skateboard.

Why so sad? x First look at the Nike SB Dunk Low. Released in 2022, retailing for $110, style code DX5549-400. Photo: @k9_itsiant https://t.co/dkreYwJFsA

The latter arrives in a mismatched pattern, with the left pair’s insoles featuring a co-branded logo of both labels as standard. The SB tag further replaces the general Nike branding with a question mark, and the standard swoosh logo is replaced with “Why So Sad?” inscription inside the tabs.

Question mark logos are seen throughout the upper, emblazoned on the heel tabs, insoles, heel counters and aglets. To finish off the look, the shoe opts for a White midsole contrasted with an Ice Blue outsole.

The sneakers will release on the official e-commerce site, SNKRS, for $110. No official release date has yet been announced. Although the price has not been officially revealed by the label, it is likely that Nike will donate a portion of the proceeds to the fundraising initiative.

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