Who was eliminated on The Masked Singer tonight, October 20? Who is Hamster?



There was another elimination on The masked singer, which means a great revelation. Who was eliminated in episode 6 of season 6? Who is Hamster?

The masked singer Season 6 Episode 6 was a lot of fun to watch! We enjoyed the surprising new performances and the audience also learned many new clues. I’m still very confused about many masked singers, if I’m being honest. But I’ll have to think about the final clues a bit longer to see if I can decipher one or two mystery singers. And you?

If you missed Season 6 Episode 6, know that there are spoilers ahead! No really, watch the episode before continuing so that the Hamster reveal isn’t ruined for you.

Final spoiler warning!

Who was Hamster in The Masked Singer?

The hamster on The masked singer is the one and only Rob Schneider! No introduction needed, we all know the hilarious Rob Schneider. Were you surprised to see Schneider under the mask? We weren’t! We found out who it was almost right away.

Did you guess correctly? Who do you think is behind the Hamster mask?

But the mysteries are far from over! We still don’t know who the Caterpillar, the Queen of Hearts, the Mallard, or any of the others are! The biggest mystery of the night? Banana split! We are so confused about the clues! We will google research and share our thoughts with you. Which candidate is the biggest mystery to you?

To find out and get more clues, stay tuned!

Next week there will be a special episode titled “Countdown of All Time” next week on October 25, 2021 on FOX. Do you watch these episodes live when they air on FOX or catch them later?



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