Who will be Bell the cat?

Sep 17, 2022 | 05:44 IST

Who will be Bell the cat?

Molly Fernandes

“There comes a time when you have to take a position, which is neither safe, nor political, nor popular, but you have to take it because your conscience tells you that it is right,” said Martin Luther King Jr.

Once again Goa is making headlines, but not for good reason. It’s sad and nauseating to read the daily newspapers and the trolls of the social networks. ‘Jiyo aur dusro ko jinne do’ kabhi aapne sune hoga. Lekin hamara sarkar jinna muskil kar raha hai – for the public and elected officials who do not belong to their group or other political parties.

We have read so much about the blame game over the past five years and from now on in the current political fiasco. Target the authorities of the Goa office and those of the center. In the political world, there are no enemies. It’s only the hype that shows them as enemies. Otherwise, the rebel Congress leader would have been absent on the second day he divorced the party.

Goans are known to shop and change clothes, shoes, etc. because they love to shop. No wonder we have people from other states doing business in Goa who have turned out to be successful businessmen. As far as they don’t mind traveling from Margao to Palolem to manage their commercial stores.

So in business, goods are on sale and can only be bought when the pockets are full. Along with the commercial world, politics in India has been a trade or business venture. Business to woo the elect with great benefits and also lure with exorbitant price with endless call harassment. Of course, as we see the sidewalks of Panjim filled with stalls selling their wares, there were those chosen ones on sale alongside those whose files are marked in red.

If the government wants to prove its majority and increase the number of seats in Parliament and in the assemblies, it must do it in the right way without trying to destroy the other parties. Without harassing elected officials and proving your worth by fighting elections on your own party symbol and not buying MPs with crores of rupees.

We hear about ED raids. Why wouldn’t officials look into the details of our government’s calls and those that broke the trust of congressional voters? Those who have filled their coffers and enriched themselves with a loot of Rs 50 crores? There were also those who were offered Rs 70 crore but those with good conscience did not fall prey to the lure and rejected the lure with loyalty and confidence with which people voted for them. The defectors were to bear witness by being examples of faithful legislators. The people of Goa who wanted a change of government even went so far as to elect the Congress defectors and renewed their oaths and promises.

Is the decision taken by the defectors the right one? Did they take it because their conscience told them it was right? As one said, “God asked me to join the BJP.

And then ? Can susegad Goykar wake up from his slumber and tell these greedy defectors who Goykar is? And as the saying goes: “who will ring the cat”?


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